Nancy Leigh Kelley, popularly known for her very talented parents Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly. She is their eldest child and the fact that she is not their biological child is quite amazing. It’s not like they can’t be parents or infertile. But still they choose to adopt a child after their marriage. What makes them take this decision and Nancy’s life with her new parents, we will get to know all about it. Please keep reading to know more. 

Bio and Career 

Nancy Leigh Kelley took birth in South Korea on 24th November 2008.Her present parents Katherine and Josh adopted her when she was just a few months old from South Korea. She had survived a  heart surgery when she was just 3 months old. Now she is completely healthy. She was Korean by birth but now she shares her parents nationality which is American. Her actual name was Nancy Leigh Mi-eun. Later she got her fathers surname Kelly She is the eldest child of her parents. She has two more siblings. One sister and the youngest one is a brother. At present she is 15 years old. She must be pursuing her elementary school by now. 

Since she is still a kid and doing her schooling now there is no clue what her career would be. Her parents must provide her with quality education so that she can pursue her dream career. Also since her parents are in the entertainment industry. She also might follow their footsteps in the long run. She might become a successful actress like her mother or become a singer just like her father. It’s just a span of a few years and we all will get to know what she is up to. 


She has a beautiful and happy family of five members. Her mother Katherine Heigl who is a super talented actress and has done many popular TV shows like Gray’s Anatomy where she played the role of Dr Isobel Stevens. Her father Josh Kelly is a famous singer and  songwriter. Her sister  Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley who is also the second adopted child of their parents. It’s been known that their adoption of Adelaide was planned even before she was born. And lastly The youngest member in the family is her brother Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr.who was born in 2016.He is the biological child of her parents. It seems that her parents are doing their best to provide all of them with the happiness that they deserve. The family keeps on posting about their wonderful moments with their fans in their social media handles. 

Parents marriage 

Katherine and Josh met in 2005. They met while doing a music video ‘Only You’ together. The song was sung by Josh and Katherine was his partner in the music video. That was the start of their relationship. Soon they became good friends and found comfort in each other. As their friendship grew stronger, they took it one step ahead . They started a romantic relationship and got engaged that very year. They got married in 2007. Their marriage was beautifully arranged.The guests were mesmerized by Katherine’s beauty and her elegant marriage gown which was beautifully designed. 

Nancy’s adoption 

Nancy was adopted by her parents soon after her birth from South Korea. There’s a story why her parents choose to adopt a Korean child while they can also adopt a child of American nationality or some other nationalities. But they choose Nancy. Actually Katherine’s elder sister was also the adopted child of their parents. She was also adopted from Korea. So it was always in Katherine that she wanted to follow her parents. So Katherine and Josh decided to adopt Nancy from Korea and not from anywhere else. It’s never been easy to bring up a child and especially when she or he is not your own child. But it was more of Katherine’s wish or you can say that it’s more of a woman’s love to become a mother of a child who is not able to get their parents love. There’s also a reason that they chose to adopt first rather than making their own kids. She wants Nancy to know that she is not an option but a choice, actually their first choice. They will fill her heart with all the love and support that a child gets from their parents. It takes courage and a big heart to love and treat others’ children equally when you have your own. It shows what a wonderful person both Nancy’s parents are. Sorry if it’s become too emotional but I can’t help it. Their story is really heart touching. 

Net Worth

As Nancy is still a child and doing her schooling we can’t expect her to earn at this age. She must be busy with her studies. But if we see her parents earning is her income. Her parents being a renoud name in the entertainment industry earn a handsome amount of money. Her mother earns 12-13 million dollars for every movie and her annual income is about 30 million dollars. According to sources Josh Kelly has an annual income of 5 million dollars. And combinely their annual earning must be 35milliin dollars. At present they are living in Utah. In a 20 acre estate ranch. 

Nancy’s relationship 

There is no evidence that she is in a relationship. But even if she is, there is nothing much to get surprised about. Because it is very common among young children to have love relationships. As she is almost 15 she might have a boyfriend. But since there is no evidence or announcement from her side it will be better to not predict anything. As long as we know she is single and unmarried. She is in a beautiful relationship with her parents and loving siblings. But can hope for a loving partner in her future.