The cannabis market around the world is worth more than $20 billion and is steadily growing. Edible recipes are responsible for a lot of the growth and popularity of the cannabis plant. 

These recipes mix the tastiness of food with the active ingredients in cannabis for an amazing one-two punch. Edibles are especially excellent for people who like cannabis but don’t want to smoke. 

If you are interested in finding the best edible recipes, we’ve got you covered. The tips below will help you out when you’re interested in recipes for edibles. 

Amazing Cannabis Brownies

Edible brownie recipes are long-time favorites and are probably the edibles that your parents or grandparents tried or knew about.

These brownies are made possible when cannabis is heated via the decarboxylation process. This unlocks the effects of the plant with every bite of your brownies. 

Cannabis is also fat-soluble, which means that it will combine well with the butter, eggs, and other substances found in brownie recipes. 

You can use a cannabis brownie recipe for any flavor that you like. Some examples of brownies that you can bake include chocolate, chocolate fudge, butternut brownies, chocolate peanut butter, and several others.

Weed Lollipops of Different Flavors

If you are looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, it doesn’t get much better than weed lollipops. 

These lollipops can be made in several different flavors that allow you to enjoy cannabis discretely and on your terms. The sucking process of enjoying a lollipop absorbs the cannabis into your bloodstream so that you can enjoy all of its psychoactive properties. 

This is an excellent hard candy option for people who prefer this to chocolate and other types of treats.

Create Some Versatile Cannabis Butter

When learning how to make edibles, you need to learn about cannabis butter. This butter is a staple item that is used frequently in edible recipes. 

Since tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active chemical that creates the high you’re looking for, you can extract this chemical from the plant and infuse it in any number of dishes. 

Cannabis edibles made with butter are particularly potent and will deepen the effects that you feel. These edibles involve a slower onset of the high as it travels through your bloodstream. 

You will also notice that the high lasts much longer and is different from smoking or vaping.

THC-Infused Buttered Popcorn

The cannabis butter that you make is perfect for America’s favorite movie snack — popcorn. 

You can pour the butter on your popcorn in whatever amounts suit you. This THC butter, when mixed with salt and the taste of the corn will create a treat that is excellent for any palate. 

Play around with different cannabutter recipes so that you can figure out which potency is best for popcorn. You don’t want to make the butter so strong that you can’t casually enjoy large amounts of popcorn without getting too high. 

Gummies Are Incredibly Popular

In this day and age, gummies are arguably the most popular type of cannabis edible. This is because these treats are easy to make, and can be made with varying amounts of THC. 

Gummies are also popular because you can make them with a variety of fruit flavors and colors, and can create exciting shapes to snack on. 

The Dough Boy strain is a popular option for cannabis gummies. Figure out what kinds of effects you’re looking for and follow a gummy recipe that’ll be helpful. 

Make a Honey Tincture for Your Tea and Coffee

Tinctures are also popular, versatile edible options. With a tincture, you extract THC from the cannabis plant and combine it with a sticky substance that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Honey is perfect for tinctures because it’s sweet, healthy, and able to add flavor to your favorite drinks. A few drops of cannabis honey in your cup of coffee can start your morning off on a pleasant and euphoric note. 

Cannabis honey tinctures are also perfect sweeteners for any sort of tea that you like to drink. 

You can use an Indica strain for this tincture that you can use whenever you have a cold. The effects of the cannabis will assist with pain relief and getting to sleep at night so that you can rest and recover. 

Concoct Some Versatile Cooking Oils

Cooking oil is another popular edible option for cannabis. Like cannabutter, cannabis-based cooking oils can be used in several different recipes and in versatile ways. 

If you make weed-based coconut oil, you mix the health benefits of cannabis with those of the coconut — which include better cognitive function and improvements in your hair and skin. 

This is perfect whether you want to create a jar of coconut oil or cooking oil spray that you can use to grease skillets or pans. You may also want to create cooking oil using olive, canola, or other forms of cooking oil. 

Measure out the ideal amount of cannabis so that you get the desired effects for your recipes. 

Try Out These Recipes for Edibles

These recipes for edibles will help you out more than you know. Now that you have options for the best recipe for edibles, get your kitchen ready for some tasty treats and experimentation.

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