Clementine Jane Hawke was born on 8th of July, 2008 to parents Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shaw Hughes in New York, United States of America. She attains the place of 3rd child and a daughter of Ethan Hawke. Ethan Hawke, her father, is a renowned actor who has won multiple awards. He appeared in various Hollywood movies including; Reality Bites (1994), Before Trilogy (1995-2013), The Magnificent Seven (2016) and many more. It is a common norm that the children of the famous actors also capture the headlines and limelight since their birth but the children of Ethan Hawke have been kept away from media and spotlights.

Early Life and Family

Clementine Jane Hawke’s father, Ethan Hawke, is not just an actor but also a writer and director. She has only one blood sister, elder from her, named Indiana Hawke. From her father’s first marriage, she has two additional siblings most probably half-siblings, named, Levin and Maya Hawke. The entertainment industry is brought to her home as all of her family relatives or blood relations belong to the entertainment industry. Her mother was the nanny of the children his father had from his first marriage and with her, he cheated his first wife, Uma Thurman.

Maya Hawke, her half-sibling, also born on 8th of July in 1998 in New York City of United States of America, is a rising star in the Hollywood industry and is known for her famous and renowned roles in several TV Shows and movies. From a young age, she have had developed an interest probably keen one in acting and pursued her studies in the relevant field.


The information related to her education is still a mystery because no one has ever disclosed her education and field of study. It is kept as a secret to make Clementine Jane away from the media and to maintain her privacy. Although most of the information related to her studies is kept as a secret and in privacy, still many paparazzi and media has witnessed that she is at the current time enrolled at a reputable school and the vital education that is compulsory for all children is being provided to her as well.

About the career, it still remains a question because she is just 14 years old at the moment and she is now not able to decide the field of her work. But many people and media is also speculating that she will join the entertainment industry as most of her family members and above all like her father because most of the kids follow the footsteps of their father and it is the best way she could choose in order to rise to fame.

Height and Body Measurements

Clementine Jane Hawke is a 14 years old kid. Most prominent body shapes and lifelong body measurements appear when a person reaches the age of adulthood or most likely at the age of 18. At the moment, it would be kind of weird and tacky to define the body measurements of a minor. Someone who is covered from the limelight and is still under privacy, we cannot harm it by uncovering. Well, the height of a person grows till the age of 25. Right now, in 2023, the height of 14 years old Clementine Jane Hawke is estimated to be 4 feet and 11 inches.


Born in 2008, Clementine Jane Hawke is still very young and is just 14 years old. At this age, people mostly are more into their education and they don’t seem to have enough time for flings. Same like, beautiful and pretty Clementine Jane is never spotted with anyone having a fling or romantic relationship. She is said to have never dated anyone either in her past or even at the present. But when the right time for creating a relationship with someone will occur, the media would be there to capture the moments and report them to the general public (interested to know about it).

Net Worth

What would be the net worth of a minor or an underage kid? Probably nothing and would be all dependent on the parents for the pocket money. Many people speculate about the net worth because the kids belong to rich parents and they think that they must have a net worth in millions but like our parents the rich parents are also worried about their kids and they don’t want to spoil them by spending too much on them.As, Clementine Jane Hawke, 14 years old girl, is not doing any job to earn money, she is most probably more focused on her studies. Meanwhile, the net worth of her father is 55 million dollars as he is a popular and renowned actor of Hollywood and the audience has been watching him in movies and on television since 1980s. The career that he built is lifelong successful in both theaters and film industry. He owns many luxurious things like cars. It has been estimated that her net worth is roughly 600,000$.

Social Media

In this progressive world, people are more intended towards people who have social media accounts. They follow each other in order to get to know more about them. Even children of ages below 10 have their accounts on the social media and they use them under the monitoring of their parents. Some people also form accounts of their children just to share their memories and save them. Since her birth, Clementine Jane Hawke was kept away from media and in privacy. Paparazzi and media persons are still unfamiliar with any social media accounts of Clementine Jane Hawke. Her whole family is although there on the social media. Ethan Hawke has a social media account with over 1 million followers. Her sister, probably half-sister, Maya Hawke is also using the social media with over 10 million followers on Instagram. Media persons will automatically update it to the viewers, if in future, Clementine Jane would form any social media account.

Bottom Line

Where many media persons, paps and general community is speculating on Clementine Jane, it is still a journey of many years to be made. If she will choose acting as a career, she will excel it due to her family members but at the moment she is too young to come under consideration of what she chooses as her career or what she does in her life. It is all up on her to decide what she wants or in what way she wants her life to be.