Baxter Neal Helson is the divorced husband of Tish Cyrus. Tish Cyrus is a famous producer of the American film industry. Tish Cyrus has another Identity and most people know her for that. She is the mother of Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus is a world famous English singer. Her fans can be found all around the world.  Baxter Neal Helson is not the biological father of Miley Cyrus. Baxter is a musician,he plays drums. Baxter is more precisely known for his ex wife Tish. The two got married in 1986. Unfortunately the relationship didn’t last long and they had to say goodbye to each other. Let’s get to know more about Baxter Neal Helson and his family.

Bio, Age, Birthday, Features

Baxter Neal Helsons birthplace is Ashland, Kentucky,US. He was born in the year 1966 in the month of December. Baxter is 55 years old as of 2022. He was a drummer by profession. He has pursued music since early Life. However only a few people know him as a musician. He got into the spotlight because of his famous former spouse Tish Cyrus. She is a talented and beautiful woman who made a name for herself in the film industry as a producer and actress. Baxter and tish are the parents of two children. Brandi Cyrus and Trace Cyrus. Baxter Neal Helson is a good looking healthy man. He has attractive features with decent height. He has light complexion and blond hair. Baxter hasn’t shared much of his personal information. Details about his family and profession are yet to be disclosed.

Early Life and career

Baxter Neal belongs to Ashland Kentucky,US.  He had done his primary education there. He hasn’t shared his education details anywhere so it’s difficult to tell about his qualifications. However, music was his first love from an early age. This must be inherited from any of his family members. Later he chose to adopt music as a Full time career. He was a drummer performing in various bands. Unfortunately he didn’t make a big name in the music industry. Only a few people know him as a musician; rather , he achieved more fame as Tish Cyrus’ ex husband.

Married life

He got to meet Tish in their HomeTown as they have known each other since childhood. They met at a party and the childhood friendship took a new turn. Tish must have a taste for musicians that even though she was just 18 years old back then, she decided to Marry Baxter right away. Anyways the two started a new journey together and in 1986, one year after their marriage they received good news. Tish was pregnant with Brendi Cyrus. Brendi was born on 26th May 1987. Baxter and Tish were living their dream life when they received another piece of good news in 1989. Baxter and Tish became parents and gave birth to their Second child Trace Cyrus on  24th February,1989. Right after their second child,,their relationship showed a downfall. Baxter Neal Helson and Tish Cyrus wanted to get separated and thus filed a divorced in 1989. The beautiful relationship came to an end with an unknown reason.

After divorce battles

Baxter Neal’s Divorce didn’t end up on good terms. After their devorce they started fighting for their child’s custody. Fortunately or unfortunately Tish won the children Custody. But Baxter wasn’t left with no hope. He was allowed to meet the children occasionally and can also make telephone calls too. The scenario has been like that for a few years. Until Tish Cyrus married again. All the media focus shifts to Tish’s new family members. By and by Baxter Neal Helson loses the Spotlight and gets disguised. Sources say that he has been residing in Phoenix, Arizona. However no one knows about his present life. He has no social media presence and can’t even be seen performing with any bands.

Baxters ex wife Tish Cyrus Bio

Tish Cyrus known as Leticia Jean Cyrus was born on 15th may 1967. She is a well renowned name in the American film industry as a producer and actress. Moreover while pursuing her career she has taken care of her children and family perfectly. She gave birth to her first child when she was just 19. At present she is the mother of five and grandmother of one. Her produced Films include The last song, LOL, So undercover. She also appeared in the TV show Cyrus V’s Cyrus: Design and Conquer in 2017.

Tish is the supermom of her 5 super talented children named Trace Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus from first marriage with Baxter Neal Helson. After first devorce she married Billy Ray Cyrus with whom she gave birth to Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus and Braison Cyrus. She is also manager of her daughter Miley Cyrus who is a World recognised singer and performer. Thus her fans call her “momanager”. Her Second marriage also ended in 2021. Billy and Tish were together for 30 long years. As for her, It wasn’t a sad goodbye though.

All her children have been getting well in their career. Most of them chose acting and music as their profession. Billy Ray Cyrus is a famous musician and his extreme talent has been inherited to his children too. The whole Cyrus family is a power pack of talent and gained name and fame in the entire world.


It was once rumored that Baxter Neal Helson was gay and that’s the reason for his devorce with Tish Cyrus. However there’s no evidence of such statements and can be marked as a fake story to defame Baxter.

Net worth

As of 2019 information his net worth is $1million. Some sources also claim that his net worth is around $0.5million. As he was a musician,this must be his primary earning source. After his Divorce Baxter left disguised and no one can tell what he is up to at present. So it’s impossible to determine his present net income. However,