Mike Kussman is Danielle Nicolet’s husband. Danielle Nicolet was a famous American actress in the early 1990s. She started her career with the famous TV series Family matters. Mike and Danielle had been together since the 2010s. Mike Kussman is also a well renowned furniture designer. His woodworkings is appreciated by everyone around. He has his workshop in Hermosa beach. The name of his furniture shop is Saltwater OG table. His handcrafts are simple yet elegant,the simplicity in his craftsmanship is what everyone fan of. Besides being an amazing craft person Mike Kussman is also a licensed general contractor. Though people address him as Danielle Nicolet’s husband, he has his own story to tell the world. Keep an eye on the article to know more about Mike Kussman and his wife Danielle Nicolet.

Bio, Age,Birthday, Height, weight

Mike Kussman was born on 7th June 1968. He celebrated his 54th birthday a month ago. Kussman’s family belongs to Southern California, United States. He was born and brought up there with his parents. Kussman’s family follows Caucasian ethnicity and their nationality is American. No further details are yet published about his parents and family. Mike Kussman is a fit,healthy and attractive man. He has an average height but the exact number is unknown. He has fair skin tone, blond hair and brown orbs. Also he has a pretty smile though. He is married to Danielle Nicolet who is a famous American actress. His profession is furniture designing.

Early Life

Mike Kussman spent his childhood in Southern California, United States. From a very early age Mike started designing furniture and instruments. His inspiration for designing was his father. His father was also a craftsman and Mike’s first teacher. It was his father who taught him how to bring his imagination into life. When Mike was asked about  his father he told the interviewers that his father had always taught him to have respect and patience with the muses . The more time it takes, the better it will be. Thus, He gives all his attention and time to each and every design that he makes to give the exact shape and form that he has in mind.


Mike Kussman pursued his career as a furniture designer. He is a licence general contractor and works in home redesigning and rebuilding. Mike Kussman’s work is appreciated all around the country because of his precise and simplistic touch in each and every workpiece. From his childhood love for creation  to becoming a successful businessman, he has made his father and his entire Family proud . He has a workshop in Hermosa beach, CA. He has named his most liked designed “Salt water OG table” which is inspired from his love for surfing. Other than being a successful furniture designer Mike Kussman also has a hobby of surfing.  He can be found  surfing his heart out in the South Bay.

One can have a glimpse of his designs in the insta account  sltwtr_company. He shares his crafting works in that account while sharing his thoughts about his designs and client details. He uses that account for promotional reasons. He makes supplies in the United States and Mexico  Mike, while sharing his thoughts, states that he tries to understand the client’s personality when he makes furniture for them. The artist tends to figure out the environment of the client’s house so that he can make the perfect furniture that suits his clients taste and character. He reimagines everything that he had seen in the client’s place and  makes a blueprint that helps him in the creation.


Mike and Danielle have been together for a decade. they haven’t clearly revealed their relationship or marriage publicly. Although Danielle keeps sharing some glimpses of their love life now and then in her social media account. she isn’t hesitant at all posting the closeness they share. Furthermore she also once posted a picture wishing him happy birthday while sharing her thoughts about him. She thanked him for being supportive, caring, protective, partner in crime and more. Her shared pictures show their love for each other, their closeness, friendship and care. In that insta post she also disclosed that it was Mike who initiated the first step in the relationship. He asked for her number in Hollywood and from there everything started. Danielle thanked him for that and for everything that he had brought into her life.

Though they have been together for a long time,the couple is still yet to become parents. Moreover they do not seem to have any plans about it either.

Wife Danielle Nicolet

The 3rd Rock from the Sun actress, Danielle Nicolet born 24th November 1973. She resided in Ashtabula, Ohio, United States. She is a very talented American actress who is known for her roles on popular series like family matters, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Heartland, The Star wife etc. Her debut drama was family matters in 1990. Danielle got her first break in 1996 after the success of the 3rd Rock from the Sun. Her role in the NCB sitcom as Caryn gained huge appreciation from the audience. The show ended in 2001. After the end of 3rd Rock from the Sun,the actress kept working on various shows

In 2005 she performed for the ‘Second Time Around’. The show was short lived but then she got Heartland, a medical drama. After that she had done other shows and made guest appearances like The starter wife, Stargate SG-1, Angel, The Bernie Mac Show, All of Us, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Warehouse 13.

Net worth

Kussman’s net worth is around $300000. He earned extremely well from his hand curved furniture and licenced general contractor work. His hand works are appreciated around the United States and Mexico.  Also he gets huge appreciation for his designs in social pages. Kussman’s wife Danielle’s net is more impressive. Her net worth is around $500000. She made her name in the American film industry through hardwork and dedication.