MacArthur Johnson, better known as Funnymike is an American internet personality, YouTube vlogger, rapper and comedian. Funny Mike is known for making videos on YouTube and Vine.

He is known by several names, including Young 22, Mighty Mike and 22 Savage. It is likely that he was inspired by rapper 21 Savage to use the alias 22 Savage.

He’s funny, silly and mischievous, quite the character. You can also call him Mighty Mike or just Mike. On the other hand, you can find funnymike under his real name and on Instagram and YouTube as girlhefunny.

Early life and education

He was born on 8 October 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. Funnymike’s father is Arthur Bradford and his mother are Denise Jones. Funnymike attended Tara High School. Wings and Mike are half-brothers, who refer to themselves as Wings and Mike.


 His height is 5 feet 11 inches (181cm) tall.

Personal Life

FunnyMike has been in a relationship with Jaliyah Monet. The two of them run the joint channel “The MJ Family” together. They have a cute family that always brings happiness to their viewers. Their oldest child is a baby girl named Londyn, who was born in February, 2019. Their youngest child is a gorgeous baby boy named MacAuthor Jr. born in July,2020.

How rich is Mike actually?

Funny Mike has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos. He has a loyal fan base who will happily watch his videos again and again. In 2021, Funny Mike’s estimated net worth is $3

Overview of earnings

His average yearly earnings are $2 million. His monthly earnings are $168 thousand. His weekly earnings are $42 thousand. His daily earnings are $6 thousand. His hourly earnings are $250.

Sources of income

Funnymike is great at making people laugh. His jokes are fun, witty, and original. Most of his income comes from live performances, but he gets a few extra dollars from album sales and YouTube ads.


Funny Mike, who is often described as a social media celebrity, runs his own company called Funny Mike ENT. He began managing other influencers when he realized that he was not able to create content or engage with fans on a level that was sustainable.


In May 2016, Funny Mike created a You Tube channel, and since then it has gained huge popularity. FunnyMike’s You Tube channel has 6.73 million subscribers, making it the most subscribed channel on the site. He also runs two more channels with FunnyMike Gaming collecting 56.6k subscribers and FunnyMike Skits collecting 1.32 million subscribers.

Funny Mike’s journey began with a humble beginning – a $750k net worth – but after a little time and a lot of hard work, his value is now estimated to reach nearly $3 million.  Funny Mike has not changed in any relevant way, but his net worth has changed roughly by a factor of 10x.

Funny Mike’s videos are a joy to watch. He’s clearly milking his success for all it’s worth too. It won’t be long until he becomes a super-rich millionaire! Sure, the joke isn’t that funny, but his fans will watch and re-watch and enjoy it — and that’s money in the bank!


Funny Mike is one of the most recognizable vloggers on YouTube. He started his channel to share videos with his friends and family, but over time his channel grew, becoming one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. Through his entertaining YouTube videos, Funny Mike has gained a reputation as an online comedian. Through his videos Funny Mike brings together thousands of people. He makes us laugh, get educated, and get inspired.

YouTube videos

FunnyMike has many videos that will keep you entertained for hours .There’s a video that’s been watched over 1 million times and it has the title.


It’s not all he’s known for. He’s also an aspiring rapper with a reputation for being funny. He releases his music under the name “funnymike.” And “22 Savage”. His music is often the perfect complement to any occasion or activity, so get his latest album today! Funny Mike released singles include “Ain’t No 21” with more than 10 million views, “Hit that Bit for the Gram” with 8 million views, “Black Opps” and “Jumpin” with more than 5 million views. During his stint on Wild ‘N Out, Funny Mike appeared in Season 11 to Season 12.

FunnyMike has quickly found his prominence in the rap world. He is a rising star who stretches the limitations of traditional rap with his witty approach to songwriting. Funny Mike has done a great job of reinventing himself. He’s also an amazing singer who’s released several hit songs. His first mixtape, Savage Mode, dropped in 2016, and his most recent song, vlog city, dropped in November 2020. FunnyMike began releasing songs under the name 22 Savage. In May 2018, he released a hit song titled “Small Wee-wee”, using the nickname Funny Mike.


FunnyMike is one of the most popular artists on Spotify. The number of listeners that FunnyMike gets monthly on Spotify is 9.4k.


In 2019 he landed roles in the movies Twisted Ambitions and I Got the Hook Up 2. Mike is a talented actor who’s a delight to work with. His wide range of talents have made him a highly sought-after talent.

FunnyMike controversies

There are some rumors about Funnymike that are widely spread on the Internet.

Murder case

FunnyMike was taken into custody by the police in 2016 for allegedly killing Richard Phillips. In 2017, the prosecutors’ charges against him were dismissed. The bail was set at $370,000 when he came in and begged the judge. He said, “It was self-defense, your honor!

Breakup with Girlfriend

A source confirmed that Funny Mike has recently breakup with his longtime girlfriend. The source stated that his infidelity was the reason of the breakup, which went on for more than a year. Their last video together was titled “Truth or Drink, Exposing Ourselves Infront of Friends” and was published on November 13, 2020.