Here is a brief biography of Amra Nor Jenkins. The biography contains details about her age, young life, and schooling. It also contains information about her net worth, family relationships, and career.


Amra Nor Jenkins is a young girl who was born to Jay Wayne Jenkins and Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin in 2014.

Jay Wayne Jenkins is a popular American rapper known as Young Jeezy, his stage name. Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin is a singer who originally came from Ethiopia. Her stage name is Mahi.

The romantic relationship between Young Jeezy and Mahi started in 2010 when they met online. However, the two are no longer staying together currently. Young Jeezy and Mahi split up after a brief engagement in 2016. Young Jeezy agreed to pay $37,500 monthly for the living expenses of Amra.

The child support amount that Young Jeezy pays is supposed to cover Amra’s schooling and general living expenses. Amra has three other half-siblings: Shyheim, Monaco, and Jadarius. It is said that Jadarius and Shyheim share a mother; an unnamed woman with whom Young Jeezy was involved before he met the mother of Amra.

Net Worth

No one knows the net worth of Amra Nor Jenkins. Currently, the celebrity child is about ten years old. Thus, the lavish lifestyle that she enjoys is a courtesy of the massive wealth of his father.

Young Jeezy still supports her even after he and her mother separated. The renowned rapper is still wealthy with an estimated net worth of $10 million. He made a fortune between the early and mid-2000s. The mother is also reasonably wealthy, thanks to her singing career.

Age, Birthday, Height, and Weight

Amra Nor Jenkins’s birthday was on 27th February 2014 in the USA. She is currently about ten years old. The name ‘Jenkins’ comes from the family of her father. Young Jeezy’s father was called Jenkins; however, his first name is unknown. Young Jeezy’s mother was called Sharon Denise Jenkins. She died in 2021.

She is an American national of black ethnicity, just like her parents. Not only that, but she is also presumed to share the religious affiliation of her parents, who practice Christianity.

Information about her current height and weight is not publicly available. However, one can presume that she is of the height and age of an average ten-year-old girl. She is currently living with her mother, Mahi, after a prolonged court case about her custody. Her father pays for her support and tuition.

Early Life

The early life of Amra Nor Jenkins was shaped by the events in her parents’ lives. She was born when the relationship between her half-brother Jadarius, and her father had broken down. Young Jeezy got into a serious fight with his son in 2012. He was promptly arrested after he threatened to kill him.

Amra was barely six years old when her parents split up after a brief engagement. Her father went ahead to get engaged to another woman: Jeannie Mai. The two eventually married and sired a girl whom they named Monaco Mai Jenkins.

The parents also engaged in a protracted court battle for her custody in 2019. The case received huge coverage in the local and international media. Eventually, Young Jeezy agreed to pay for her tuition and support.

Mahi and Young Jeezy have consistently protected Amra from the public. The public only gets to learn about her life from the posts on her parents’ social media platforms.


Amra Nor Jenkins does not have a career presently because she is still in school. Interestingly, her biological parents and paternal mother have careers in the music industry. Her father is said to have developed an interest in rap music while still a kid. He later moved to Macon, Georgia where he met members of the Crip gang. He would release his first album in 2001.

Her mother, Mahi is also a reputed singer. She started her singing career at a tender age. Mai, Amra’s current foster mother, is a renowned producer in the music industry.

Jadarius Jenkins, her elder half-brother, has also developed a career in music. He is currently working as a rapper and fashion designer. The career interest of Shyheim Jenkins, the second half-brother, is also not publicly known.


Records about Amra’s schooling are not publicly available. However, little Amra attends school because her father pays for her tuition as part of the out-of-court settlement he and the mother had in 2019.

Furthermore, the $30,000 for tuition is enough to keep her in some of the most expensive schools. The conflict between her parents about the terms of the settlement did not affect her schooling. Her mother sued Young Jeezy for failing to remit the monthly support money and not purchasing her a car as the two had agreed earlier.

Young Jeezy argued that he had never failed to pay for the tuition and support of his daughter. However, he argued that Mahi had anger problems and was evidently jealous of his relationship with Mai.


Amra enjoys cordial relationships with all her immediate family members. She is said to be in good terms with her foster mother, Jeannie Mahi. Also, Amra has good relationships with her half-siblings. Jadarius, who is now in his mid-twenties, is presumed to have a good relationship with his younger half-sister. Similarly, Amra is in good terms with his other half-brother, Shyheim. The relationship between Amra and Monaco is unknown because the younger half-sister is only about a year old.

Social Media

Amra Nor Jenkins does not have accounts on any social media platforms. However, her father regularly posts her photos on his social media pages, particularly on Instagram.

Young Jeezy started this practice when Amra was a year old. He posted photos of himself with the then-one-year-old Amra as part of her first birthday celebrations. Many individuals who commented on the photos lauded Young Jeezy for spending quality time with her daughter.

However, a cursory look at the Instagram page of Young Jeezy shows that he has recently been avoiding posting photos of his kids on the platform.