o you remember Fred Weasley, a charismatic and amusing young man from the Harry Potter series?

Someone who worked on J. K. Rowling’s seven fantasy novels.

Yes, you guessed right! It’s none other than James Andrew Eric Phelps, a well-known actor who gained fame in the Harry Potter series alongside his twin brother, Oliver Andrew Eric Phelps.

But hold on a second,

In this post, we will discuss James Phelps’ wife, Annika Ostle, who is attracting the attention of all of James Phelps’ followers.

Are you one of them? 

If you answered yes, I’d like to direct you to an interesting Annika Ostle biography.

Let’s learn more about James Phelps’ beautiful wife, Annika Ostle.

Let’s take a closer look at James Phelps’ wife, Annika Ostle, a stunning young lady who has been married to him since 2016.


Annika Ostle is a British young woman who rose to fame after marrying James Phelps, a handsome and well-known actor.

He was among the wealthiest actors of his time, and he also had some excellent roles in some well-crafted films.

A few of his incredible films are:

  • The Nerd King
  • Brigantia
  • Danny
  • The Witness in the Dark
  • The Human Zoo

In his podcasts, James Phelps has a huge fan-following.

He’s also working on a number of well-known podcasts that you can easily find on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

Many of his great supporters like and admire his movies, shows, and podcasts.

Annika Ostle’s Height, Age, and Bio

Annika Ostle is James Phelps‘ charming housewife and is a British lady who lives in England.

Annika keeps her age and date of birth secret, despite being the wife of a well-known celebrity.

Annika’s husband, James Phelps, was born on February 25, 1986, and the couple have been married since 2016.

Annika Ostle’s wedding vows with James Phelps 

For a long time, James Phelps, a well-known public personality from the Harry Potter books, dated his long-term partner and love of his life.

In 2016, the couple exchanged rings and declared themselves legally married.

However, little information about James Phelps’ post-marriage life has been revealed because the couple likes to stay out of the spotlight.

James and Oliver Phelps, twin brothers, have also grown their fan base by launching audio casts.

They also operate Double Trouble, a fresh new YouTube channel where the brothers discuss their trips and personal experiences.

These audio casts began in the Quidditch area, and their most recent podcast, which is available on the Internet and known as “Normal, Not Normal,” has become the talk of the town.

What is Annika Ostle’s Net Worth in 2022 

Annika Ostle’s job and net worth have not been reported in any published publication or website, even if she is the wife of a well-known celebrity, James Phelps.

She avoids the spotlight and is rarely seen in the media.

However, James Phelps has become well-known as a result of his exceptional performances in critically praised films such as The Half-Blood Prince and The Da Vinci Code.

He has earned a significant fortune and receives a paycheck of $90,000 each year.

James Phelps’ outstanding performance in a number of films and television shows earned him a large sum of money.

 His net worth increased dramatically in no time.

Being a part of the cast of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which was critically acclaimed and grossed over $1.34 billion dollars, demonstrated great and believable acting skills.

Since James Phelps has a million-dollar net worth, she too has a million-dollar net worth as his only wife.

His net worth is higher than the predicted net worth in 2022.

Is Annika Ostle still married to James Phelps?

James Phelps, who is extremely well-known, enjoys attracting the attention of his admirers.

Do you want to know whether or not he is still married?

Let me tell you something, all you curious girls out there.

Annika Ostle, the love of his life, is still married to James Phelps.

James Phelps dated Simone Burke before marrying Annika Ostle.

However, they both discover that they are incompatible with one another and decide to separate ways.

But whatever occurs, it is for the best.

Shortly after their relationship, James Phelps found the love of his life.

They spent some time together before deciding to tie the knot.

Does James Phelps have a child? 

Despite the fact that the couple is quite intelligent at keeping secrets.

So far, no information on the birth of a child in their family has been released.

During the interviews, James Phelps has also been very cautious about discussing his family.

I have no idea if they have children, but they do have two adorable dogs.

Jason and Tonto are the names of these two dogs.

Are the Phelps twins identical twins? 

Yes, the famous Harry Potter series’ twin characters, Fred and George Weasley, are identical twins.

In actual life, James Phelps and Oliver Phelps are identical twins who have an extremely close relationship.

Little Sutton Primary School and Arthur Terry Secondary School were the twin brothers’ primary and secondary schools, respectively.

They partnered on the entire Harry Potter franchise.

Their classmates were sceptical at first, but their performances in the Harry Potter movies stunned everyone.

Later in their acting careers, however, they opted to split up in order to create separate identities for themselves.

James Phelps Relationships

James Phelps dated Simone Burke before marrying Annika Ostle.

However, no reports of the actor’s extramarital affairs have surfaced so far.

The couple kept their personal lives hidden from the public eye and the media.

For the last six years, they have enjoyed a happily married status.

How old is James Phelps?

If you are looking for James Phelps’ age, you have come to the right spot.

In 2022, James Phelps will be 36 years old.

Who is the older of the two twins?

Oliver Phelps’ twin brother, James, was born 13 minutes later. As a result, Oliver Phelps is the older of the two Phelps twins.

However, their on-screen and off-screen friendship and compatibility are undeniable.

Both have had good careers and have created a name for themselves as actors.

After a successful entry into the Harry Potter series, none of them has looked back.

They continue to broaden their horizons beyond acting.

The Phelps twins were born in Sutton Coldfield, in the West Midlands region of England.

The twin brothers dropped out of school to audition for the Harry Potter series.

 They continued to act together in the seven subsequent series, which propelled them to the top of the box office.

Is James Phelps Fred or George?

After watching the first Harry Potter series, everyone wanted to know who these twins were and if they were identical.

If you’re in the same boat, make sure to read all the way to the end.

When Fred and George first appeared on television, it was impossible for viewers to identify who they were.

The Phelps brothers revealed in one of their podcasts, “Normal Not Normal,” that they had no idea which Weasley they would play at the start of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Since they’re so similar, only their mother can tell them apart at times.

Are the Phelps twins married?

Yes, both of the Phelps twins are married.

Both twin pairs are in happy relationships with their partners.

James Phelps is married to Annika Ostle, while Oliver Phelps is married to Katy Humpage.


Annika Ostle is a well-known British lady who is the lovely wife of actor James Phelps. Annika married a well-known actor in 2016, and the couple is still together and happy.

Following the success of the fantasy series Harry Potter, the actor James Phelps became well-known.

James Phelps appeared in the Harry Potter cast alongside his identical twin brother Oliver Phelps, who played Fred and George Weasley in the original Harry Potter cast.

Annika Ostle and her husband, James Phelps, a well-known actor, have a net worth of $1 million dollars.

He became famous and wealthy as a result of his roles in some of the most critically acclaimed films, in which he demonstrated exceptional and wonderful acting ability.

The couple have been happy and successful in keeping their private love lives hidden from prying eyes.

But don’t worry, you can always check back for more information about Annika Ostle and her adoring husband, James Phelps.

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