30-year-old American Rapper Ryan Upchurch, better known by his surname Upchurch, who boosted a fan base of 1.8 Million followers on Instagram, has been banned or possibly ‘wiped out’ yesterday from the platform.

He is been an influencer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and comedian for about ten years now. Starting his career from scratch Upchurch calls himself on the ‘independent spectrum’. His height is about 5 feet, 9 inches. Upchurch didn’t finish high school because of his instant attraction to the then newly emerged trend of rapping among the young generation. He ended up doing construction work while working for his dream. As of 2020, his net worth is $4 Million.

Twice engaged, the vocal-romantic singer had two budding public relationships, one that reached the aisle. He became the father figure to his wife’s cute little daughter. The couple had been all for PDA post-wedding but after their nuptials, the couple had been distant and went as far as to delete all their previous post dedicated to each other.

The Country Artist and his wife, Taylor Eileen Smith had been vague on their separation but their back-to-back hinting had suggested the scenario. Upchurch now spends his days in the company of his fur-friend, a pet cat.

The country singer better known for his hits like ‘Outlaw’ and ‘Hollar Boys’ did a live stream this morning on Youtube explaining about how it may be a ‘government’s conspiracy’ that he’s banned from Instagram without prior notice or warning.

After his Youtube post ‘the art of broken connection’ he went on to explain how the government conspiracy from World War II through social Media advent had been emphasized on eugenics—The practice of selective mating to advocate certain desired hereditary traits.

Additionally, Upchurch declared his belief in Adolf Hitler’s motive in eliminating Jewish to be for the same cause and then hinted on to some Social Media promoting distraction in engaging people in vanity so as to minimize productivity. He distinctively also alleged Tick-Tock, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat shaping or literally brainwashing their user.

He starts with his approach about iconic people in history who had bizarre ideas and thought processes in respect to their era’s norms. Those people were opposed by people in power. Further, he described Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison’s prospective conflict that drove them to separation, namely ‘financial success’. Later Nikola Tesla was driven away from the inventory project and mysteriously died in his apartment with his life work.

Moreover, he defines how in his opinion social media apps are a government strategy for ‘dumb people’ so it can consume their time, productivity and make different races, cultural groups, and social groups aggressive to each other to conduct some kind of ‘Test’. The end game being to scourge out unbiased people, who are ‘smart people. While the ‘dumb people’ stay occupied on six-second videos of random everyday events. All in all to make the ‘World better’.

He then hinted Corona Virus being a faux and part of the strategy to desterilize the ‘dumb people’  with the help of vaccination so they can’t reproduce anymore and as a result, a nation of ‘smart people’ is gained.

In today’s Livestream Upchurch was upset about his Instagram being wiped and claims when he experimentally made another account with his name it instantly in seconds faced a similar fate and vanished from the platform. He finds it weird. The influencer stated that in his account stead other fake accounts by his initials popped up with followers in Millions, overnight.

Upchurch is paranoid of being on a ‘government list’. The source of information is anonymous and he believes he is considered a threat because of his fan base and his unique type of freestyle music. He even says ‘Me on Instagram is done’. On his stream, he promises his fan he wouldn’t use their dedication and support in anything absurd way, ever. But he is wary by the abrupt circumstances and expresses his dejection at the thought of people conducting scams on his name or misguiding youth who often follows him.

The Artist feels threatened and announces to his listeners, young and adults, that he isn’t active on any other social media except his Tick-Tock and Youtube. He warns them not to interact with anybody who claims to be him on any other social Media Platform except either of those he mentioned. Ryan says he’s working on getting a website built because his content shouldn’t be so vulnerable as to be wiped out like that. He says, ‘There is no reason that I should be able to be mimicked or banned so easy’. He even goes on to proclaim that his life might be on line because of his ‘one of the biggest movements on the independence spectrum’. In the context, he also presses firmly that ‘I will never kill myself. Never!’.

At the end of his Livestream, he expresses his gratitude to his followers and listeners for being good to him. 

The truth of this ostentatious scheme, if there is any, is hard to testify with no witness or rock-hard proof. Either a lunacy or a grand propaganda, his followers hope for his wellbeing and peace of mind.

Paranoia aside, Upchurch music is noteworthy and if you are into hardcore rapping you’re bound to have come in contact with his Music. His Country music mostly is inspired by localism and gives you a deep insight into American Country Life.