Jennifer Kitna is well known for being the devoted wife of former American football quarterback Jon Kitna. Now, at 51 years old in 2023, Jennifer has become popular and well-recognized because of her marriage to a successful man.

As the loving wife of Jon Kitna, Jennifer has gained notoriety and public recognition while not  even pursuing her own professional career. When Jennifer met Jon Kitna, an eminent figure in the American football community, her professional life took an interesting turn.

Quick Overview

Full NameJennifer Durrow
NameJennifer Kitna
ProfessionPublic Figure
Age51 Years Old
ChildrenJordan Kitna, Jalen Kitna, Jamison Kitna, Jada Kitna, Chris Kjos, and Casey Kjos
FatherCharles Chuck Durrow
MotherRosemary Durrow
SisterLoretta Durrow
BrotherTimm Ready Durrow
HusbandJon Kitna

Early life

Charles Durrow gave birth to Jennifer, an American national, but no one knows anything about her mother. Rosemary Durrow, her grandmother, was a nurse, and her father was in the US Navy. Tragically, Jennifer Kitna’s father Charles’s death in 1998 caused a serious shock to the family.

Jennifer was raised with Loretta and Timm Durrow, her two younger siblings. Tim is a Portland, Oregon-based mortgage advisor, narrated by a famous website. He has three kids and is married. However, her sister Loretta’s personal details are kept private. Law enforcement seized their social media accounts in December 2022. That became the reason for the arrest and suspension of their son Jalen Kitna from the Florida football team.

Jennifer Kitna is a proud American citizen with a multicultural upbringing that encompasses multiple nationalities. Her background is a symbol of the diversity that America is made up of. It is enhanced and strengthened by the variety of cultural influences that shape the country. Jennifer’s background in a diverse range of cultures has clearly influenced her perspective and given rise to her own way of looking at the world.


Jennifer Kitna is a well-known person in the NFL player spouse community, and many people have been drawn to her fascinating life. Jennifer was surrounded by her devoted family and siblings during her early years while being born and reared in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. Despite his untimely death in 1998, her father, Charles Chuck Durrow, an ex-US Air Force officer, had a profound influence on her life.

Jennifer started her educational process in a local Portland high school, where she pursued a desire for knowledge. Her commitment to learning and her love of the subject finally brought her to Central Washington University, a prestigious school that has developed many bright young things. This institution was the place where destiny met reality as Jennifer met Jon Kitna, the man who would become her husband in near future.


Jennifer’s goal to pursue further education at Central Washington University ultimately got connected with her romantic journey. Jennifer initially got to know the lively and brilliant Jon Kitna while they were classmates. There was definitely a spark between them, and as time went on, their bond grew to be really strong. Jennifer and Jon were united in marriage, the holy agreement, on August 13, 1994.

Jennifer and Jon Kitna’s life’s journey has not been without difficulties, just like any other relationship. Jon experienced personal struggles during his undergraduate years, which were marked by excessive alcohol consumption and a bad image as a womanizer. Sadly, their short-lived relationship ended when Jennifer found out he was having an extramarital affair. But love won out in the end, and after some introspection and concern, both of them were able to work through their difficulties and exchange vows of marriage.

As the couple embraced the pleasures and difficulties of parenthood and brought children into their life, their adventure continued. Unfortunately, Jennifer and Jon’s social media accounts have been suspended due to cases involving their son, Jalen Kitna. The life updates about Jennifer’s current life is not quite clear because of a shortage of information.

Net Worth

Jennifer Kitna is expected to have a phenomenal net worth of  $15 million USD as per the records of 2023. Jennifer has not pursued a professional career of her own, but her considerable wealth is evidence of her impact and presence in her husband Jon Kitna’s life. Jennifer has been there for Jon throughout his illustrious NFL career, supporting him through the highs and lows of his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Who is Jennifer Kitna?

Ans:  A prominent figure and celebrity wife, Jennifer Kitna is most known for being married to an American football quarterback Jon Kitna.

2: When was Jennifer Kitna born?

Ans: Jennifer Kitna celebrates her birthday on August 17, 1971.

3: To whom did Jennifer Kitna marry?

Ans: Jennifer Kitna married a retired but renowned football player Jon Kitna. He has become a football instructor by now.

4: What is the qualification of Jennifer Kitna?

Ans: Jennifer completed her elementary and high school education. She enrolled at Central Washington University to seek a teaching degree after high school, and she graduated in 1996.

5: What is the nationality of Jennifer Kitna?

Ans: Jennifer Kitna has an American citizenship.

6: What is the net worth of Jennifer Kitna?

Ans: As per the records of 2023, Jennifer Kitna’s wealth is counted to be about $15 Million USD.

7: What is the ethnicity of Jennifer Kitna?

Ans: Jennifer Kitna has a mixed ethnicity

8: What is Jennifer Kitna’s height and weight?

Ans: Jennifer Kitna’s  stands at a height of approximately 5’4″ (165 cm), while her weight is about 143 lbs (65 kg).