Maria Rose Galeotti’s Wiki says she is a child celebrity, though she never made a significant mark owing to her young age. Maria Rose Galeotti attained fame right from the time she entered the world. She was known for her naughty and funny behavior. As a child, Maria Rose played with her parents. She used to play on her father’s shoulders very often. Though she is studying in school, her education qualification is unknown .Maria Rose is a growing child with fluctuating weight. However, one can assume that she maintains her weight. Maria Rose is a girl filled with radiant beauty, which will match the model’s beauty owing to her sharp features. Here is the information on her Physical attributes.

Name with First, Middle, and Last:Maria Rose Galeotti
Country of Birth:America
Birth date & Age23rd February 2011, 12 years old
EducationCurrently studying in school.
Zodiac SignPisces
Mother’s Net Worth$10 Million
ResidenceLos Angelos, California, USA
BirthplaceLos Angelos, California, USA
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorHazel
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsBethany Joy Lenz and Micheal Galeotti
FamousAs the daughter of a celebrity

Daughter of Michael & Bethany Joy

Born on 2 April 1981, Bethany Joy is the daughter of Cathie Lenz and Robert Lenz.  She became a prominent American actress, singer, songwriter, and film director who started acting when she was 11. She had an acting career of over three decades, appearing in innumerable films and TV serials, including Thinner in 1996, Charmed in 2001, Felicity in 2001, and The Legacy in 2002. Bethany Joy Lenz gave stunning performances that captured the hearts of the audiences, who were glued to TV screens only to see her acting.  It is the inspiration that motivates her to achieve more. Bethany’s other films were The Guardian in 2003, Life Unexpected in 2010, Dexter in 2013, Home in 2016, Colony and Exhortation in 2017, Grey’s Anatomy in 2018, Pearson in 2019, Blindfire in 2020, Good Sam in 2022, and A Biltmore Christmas in 2023. Bethany also has onscreen recognition for her music as a solo artist and a band member named Everly, where she is a co-host on the Drama Queens podcast with her former co-stars, One Tree Hill, Hilarie Burton, and Sophia Bush. Her father was a renowned musician known for playing the musical keyboard and Bethany Joy Lenz’s spouse. The love journey of Micheal and Bethany Galeotti started as a friendship in 2000, and they eventually became lovers when Galeotti proposed to her when she was in an ongoing film, One Tree Hill, in Wilmington, North Carolina, and got engaged. Bethany Joy Lenz and Micheal Galeotti tied a nuptial knot on 31st December 2005 grandly and colorfully in Hillsboro, Oregon. Over 75+ guests and their family members witnessed the couple’s wedding.  They became Maria’s parents on 23rd February 2011.Maria’s parents are well-reputed film stars who raised her like a princess, enabling her to enjoy a blissful and luxurious life, which helped her to focus on her studies. She attended the events of her celebrity parents occasionally. However, the darker side of the coin was the legal separation of her parents in March 2012 owing to incompatibility and irreconcilable differences. However, they remained good friends and co-parented Maria with complete dedication to bringing her up.  Hence, despite her parents’ divorce, Maria did not have any shortcomings of parental love.According to sources, Micheal Galeotti died at 31 on 11th January 2016, when Maria was an infant. Atherosclerotic heart disease is the primary cause of his death due to alcoholism. Though his doctor advised him to care for his health or stay in the hospital, Micheal didn’t heed. Hence, one can also say that it was pure negligence. He lost his life when Maria was an infant.The demise of Micheal Bethany, which occurred on 11th January 2016, was a massive blow for Maria at a very young age, as she missed those days of playing with her father. However, his artistic prowess is immortal in the film and entertainment industry. Micheal Galeotti had good and bad times. Bethany Joy Lenz raised her as a single mother, creating a passion and desire for Maria Rose in arts.Maria Rose had the best parents who always ensured a smile and a glow on her face. On 18 May 2013, Maria attended the Corelle Adopt a Doll Event with her mother at Grove in Los Angeles and came to My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks premiere. Currently, Maria Rose resides with her mother in Los Angeles. Maria Jose is inactive on social media as she hasn’t created an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Career &Net Worth

Maria Rose is just nearing her teens. Hence, the question of her net worth does not arise. However, her mother, Bethany Joy, generated an estimated net worth of $10 million by creating 80% of the wealth via films and television shows. It also includes her father’s net worth, which is nothing less than a million dollars. Hence, they have abundant resources required to live an affluent life. However, Maria Rose has high expectations from the public to emerge in the film industry and become successful like her parents. Maria has no shortage of finances as she quickly gets what she wants to enjoy her life. Maria is a student at a leading institution, and she will have more career options that she can choose based on her liking and expertise. Hence, it would be hard to predict whether she will choose a different route or follow in her parent’s footsteps. Her mother, Bethany, manages efficiently to keep Maria’s life unexposed from the spotlight.

Bottom line

Maria Rose Galeotti, as a child, is regarded as a celebrity as her parents have a film background.  Despite their divorce, the good part of her life was her parents’ dedication towards her,as they shared her custody. Though Maria Rose has not made her career, she has enough resources. Thanks to her parents’ hard work.