Who Is Veno Miller?

Veno Miller is an Actor, Singer, Model and a Star who keeps on shining in entertainment industry. He is known as a son of Master P and  Sonya Miller. He was given birth last July 16, 1991 and currently this year, he turned 30 years old. His astrological sign is Cancer which is known to be a luck to someone who was born under it.


Veno was born in Louisiana, bringing his nationality as an American. Master P and Sonya Miller is not his real parents. He was adopted by them and treated him just like their own. His biological parents is unknown. Maybe, because they want to live their life away from the sight of the public. 

    He is the second child among the Miller  siblings. His brothers are Romeo Miller, Vercy Miller, Mercy Miller and Hercy Miller. His sisters are Cymphonique Miller, Inty Miller, Tytyana Miller, and Haly Miller and he is a nephew of C- Murder and Sillk the Shocker who are also  known in the entertainment industry. 

Net Worth

Veno’s net worth is $ 5 million. He earned most of it in his acting career, singing and modelling. He receives $ 49, 000 per annum. He was debuted last 2008 in the age of 17 in a TV Series when he was a cast in “Zoey 101”. He also had roles in “Sunday School” and “Internet Dating”. 


In 2009, his  self titled album was released and called by his name “Veno”. In the year of 2011, he worked in a TV Series “LaLa Land”. He was also there in a sitcom in Nickelodeon entitled “Victorious” from year 2010 to 2013, where Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gilles and Avan Jogia are the lead personalities who act in it. He had a role in  “The Real ” in 2015 and then joined his father’s reality show, “Master P’s Empire” in the same year. He is also known in “Sophomore Year” and “Malibu Horror  Story” on the following years. 


His performance earned great attraction to the viewers which leads him on what he is right now in entertainment industry. He also write about songs. The examples of Veno Miller’s songs are “More Than Friends” who got more than 200 thousand views  and “High Cheek Bones” who got more than 4 thousand views in YouTube. 

Personal Life & Relationships

Veno Miller is private when it comes to his personal life  and being respected by the people in the entertainment industry. He is not seen active in any social media nor have an account on some of it. If he have some, he prefer not to show on media or in public.  He is more focused on his career not minding things or topics about love. That’s one of the reason why you cant find any satisfactory informations about him on the internet. He  is very secretive, to the point that people were onlivious about his relationship status. There were no rumors about him married or being in a relationship. So, we can tell that he is still single right now. If he has an affair, he would likely want  to remain it privately in media. He never once opened a topic about his love life adventure or even about his past relationships.


His educational background is unknown also unknown. His qualification in other fields and the universities or institutions he attended is also unknown and still kept by him and his family but,  considering to his age we could assumed that he dropped out on the middle of his studies or have a private tutor or maybe took online courses during those times.

Percy Robert Miller

In addition, Veno’s father, Master P is a rap icon who gain a lot of fame through his albums and got an award from the industry. His real name is Percy Robert Miller.  He is also a producer of Master P’s Empire, where his family members where in it including Veno. He is a founder of “No Limit Records” where Romeo was in. He is also the man behind Better Black Television and P. Millers Enterprises because he is the founder as well as the CEO of the said companies.Master P’s album is “Ice Cream” and his single “Make Em Say Uhh!” in the year 1997. He is also a record producer and a former basketball player.

Sonya Miller

His mother Sonya C or Sonya Miller is also a rapper but she left her career to take care of her family especially her children. She is known as one of the member of a rap group TRU.

Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique Miller is also an artist herself. She is a good singer and a good actress. She acted on a show “Just Role” in the age of Eleven and released her debut album “Passion” in 2013. Then she acted as Kacey Simon in Nickelodeon show entitled “How to Rock”.  An interesting story about her is, she won several national kick-boxing tournaments. The examples of the songs of Cymphonique are  “Nobody Like You”, “Lil’ Miss Swagger”, “Thinkin  About You”, “Move With The Crowd” and etc.

 Romeo Miller

Meanwhile, Romeo Miller his oldest brother is an American rapper and actor. His full name is Percy Romeo Miller. He debuted his first album in the entertainment industry at the age of 11 entitled “Lil Romeo”. He acted on a Nickelodeon show “Romeo” and “Famous in Love”. He also starred in the films “Jumping the Broom” and “Lottery”. He gained his fame in early 2000’s after singning in No limit Records Company. 

Inty Miller

His sister Inty Miller or Princess Inty is also a rapper. Like Veno, Inty is also born in Louisiana. She is known of her song entitled, “For Better or Worst”, “The Real Love” and “You Know I See You”.


Veno Miller grew in a famous and talented family in entertainment  industry. So no wonder he is also talended and keep on rocking in the field of music, acting and modelling roles. He is known as one of the richest and successful Reality Star in entertainment industry that born in United States.