Corrie Bird is the daughter of Larry Bird, the three time NBA champion. The basketball legend is also a two time hall of famer. She is the eldest daughter of Larry Bird and Janet Condra. Janet and Larry are no longer together. However the couple tried to bring up their daughter with every possible comfort and happiness they could offer. Corrie is working at a Clay Community School Corporation. She had done her education from Indiana. Larry’s daughter is married to Trent Baston. They are now parents of two children. Though Corrie is famously known for her legendary father Larry, unfortunately the father-daughter do not share a healthy relationship together. Keep reading to know more interesting facts about Carrie Bird’s life.

Bio,Birthday, Age, Height, parents 

Larry’s daughter’s full name is Corrie Bird. She was born in Brazil, Indiana on  14 th August, 1977. She is 44 years old at present. Her zodiac sign is Leo and she follows Irish, Scottish, Caucasian and Native American ethnicity. Corrie’s nationality is American. Corrie was born to her parents father the legendary basketball player Larry Bird and his ex wife Janet Condra. Corrie did her studies from Indiana in Indiana State University. Corrie Bird is a tall and fair woman. She is 5ft 7 in tall. Her eyes are brown and Hair color is blonde. Carrier is married and her husband’s name is Trent Baston who works as a security professional. Corrie and Trent have two children Violet and Sebastian. 

Corrie was raised by her mother Janet as her parents got separated after her birth. Though Corrie was known popularly as the daughter of her father Larry Bird. However the two share a bittersweet relationship. Corrie was always somehow ignored by the legendary player and she had to look forward to gaining some of her father’s attention,love and care like any other daughter would like to have. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated as $4215 from her present job and additionally she might be receiving $60000 to $100000 from previous job annually.

However she is heier of around $75 million of her father, Larry Bird’s assets. 

Early life

Corrie Bird was born in Brazil, Indiana. Her birthdate is August 14, 1977. She is the first daughter of Larry Bird from his first marriage. Corrie’s relationship with her father was never smooth as her parents’ marriage was at distrace and eventually the couple separated after her birth. Her parents got remarried and  she has three half siblings from their next marriage.  Janet Condra remarried to Mr.Hargrave after divorcing Larry. Later on, Corrie was raised by her mother and step father. 


Carrier Bird was born and brought up in Brazil, Indiana. She has done her elementary education from there. Besides being a bright student, Corrie also had interest in sports like her father. During her college days she was a great athlete and used to participate in different tournaments. Carrie completed her elementary education in between 1995 to 1999 from Indiana State University. Furthermore Corrie gained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the same University after 8 years. In the later years the legend’s daughter went on and in 2011 earned a master’s degree in Business Administration, Healthcare Management Speciality from Indiana Wesleyan University. 


Corrie was born to NBA champion Larry Bird and his ex wife Janet Condra. She was their only child together. After their divorce she was brought up by her stepfather and mother Janet. Lateron Janet and her stepfather gave birth to a child named Mandy. Mandy was Corrie’s half sibling from mother ‘s side. Larry Bird also remarried to Dinah Mattingly. With her Larry has two children named Mariah and Connor Bird. 

Corrie’s relationship with her father has always been a topic of debate. 

Though the NBA legend’s daughter tried to be connected to her father yet she has always received ignorance from the other end. However Larry’s now wife Dinah is on good terms with her. However the NBA legend confirmed that though he stumbles on showing affection and care to his daughter, he truly loves her like any father does. 

However, Corrie lives in Terre Haute with her husband and children. She is married to Trent Baston and they have two children, Violet and Sebastian. 


Corrie is married to Trent Baston. Their marriage was held in White Chapel on 17th May 2008. They celebrated reception at Rose Hulman Hall. The first met around the mid 2000s and after dating for a while, the couple decided to get married in 2008. In 2012 they gave birth to their daughter and first child Violet Marie on June 18. In 2017 on 20 April the couple was blessed with another child and this time it was a boy named Sebastian Grey. It’s more than a decade since the couple happily spent their days in Terre Haute, Indiana with their two children.

Trent Baston, Corrie’s husband works as a security professional. Also he works as a security officer in Rose Hulman institution of technology. Corrie is his second wife and Trent has two more children from his last marriage. 


Corrie had completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration. At present she is a worker in Clay Community School Corporation. She has been working here since 2021. Moreover she had worked in many other organizations in different designations such as Business office manager in St Vincent Clay Hospital, Practice Manager in Union Associated Physician Clinic, Clinical Coordinator in Saint Mary of the woods college and Registration Supervisor in Putnam County Hospital in Greencastle, Indiana for different time periods.

Corrie had chosen a different career than her father. Though she once was involved in sports to earn her father’s heart but sadly it all went in vain. Larry was quite cold towards her daughter and never included her in his celebration. Nevertheless she has found her own happiness in her own family.she is living a happy life with husband and  children. Moreover she is a successful and talented person who made a life for herself on her own terms. 

Social Media

She isn’t active on any social media platforms.