Nadya Suleman who gained International recognition for giving birth to octuplets in January 2009 is the mother of Calyssa Arielle Solomon. Nadya Suleman was popularly known by the media as Octomom. She had six children before giving birth to octuplets all through Vitro fertilization (IVF). However, after her six children, she planned to have one more child. For some reason, she ended up with the octuplets.

The coming of the octuplets triggered debates across the United States about ethics, responsibilities of parenting, reproductive rights, and the dynamics of a large family in the eyes of the public. Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s mother Nadya Suleman became famous as she was making headlines on the news, however, she faced criticism from her critics. When she was interviewed about her critics she replied she has chosen to be strong for her kids and that’s all that matters.

The biography of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Calyssa Arielle Solomon is the daughter of Nadya Suleman. The Octomom gave birth to octuplets after having six children from her previous pregnancies all through vitro fertilization (IVF) including the octuplets. And she became recognized globally for setting a new record for delivering the longest surviving octuplets which brought much media attention to her. Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s mother was born on July 11, 1975, in Fullerton California. She is the sole child of Edward Doud Suleman, a Palestinian restaurant owner who worked as a translator in Iraq, and Angela Victoria Suleman, a teacher of Lithuanian heritage. Nadya Suleman went to Nogales High School in La Puente California and later continued to attend Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut where she got a license as a psychiatric Technician and later got a B.S. in child development at California State of College. Nadya Suleman got married in 1996 to Marco Gutierrez and got separated from him in 2000. In 2006 Marco fire a divorce which was effected in January 2008 Nadya Suleman let the press know that in her previous IVF treatments, she had six embryos frozen and asked her doctor Kamrava to transfer all to her uterus. At her age, she should have had 3 embryos instead of six. But her reason for implanting six embryos into her womb by her doctor was that she did not want the remaining ones to be destroyed.

On July 1, 2011, Kamrava’s medical license was revoked by the California Medical Board after reviewing Suleman’s case and three others. After the birth of the octuplets, Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s mother went through difficult moments to take care of the children, as of then she had no job, but she later found a job as a part-time counselor. She could only do a part-time job because of her huge responsibility to take care of the  14 children. It was stated in the New York article that the octuplets were smaller at the age of nine, but they were well-mannered, they could cook and do house chores, and their school work without anyone prompting them. Due to the large number of children, the Octomom had to use military rule to train the children at home.

The Net Worth of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s net worth is approximately $ 155,000, though there is no official record for this network, it is hence subject to change.

The Parents of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s mother revealed that the octuplets and her six other children were conceived with a single sperm donor, David Solomon. Nadya Suleman revealed that she dated David once before realizing she didn’t want to continue a relationship with him—she only wanted him to be the father of her children.Nadya Suleman had used the father’s name on the birth certificates of her other children but with a different birth date. This led the grandfather of the octuplets and others to suspect Suleman of inventing a fictional David Solomon. Meanwhile, Marco Gutierrez had denied being the father of the children.

The age of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s age has not yet been revealed publicly or found in any reliable source.

5 The siblings of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

These are Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s Siblings:Josiah, Solomon, Amerah Yasmeen Solomon, Aiden Solomon, Jonah, Caleb Kai Solomon, Noah, Isaiah, Nariah, Joshua Jacob Solomon, Makai, Jeremiah, and Maliah

The height of Calyssa Arielle Solomon.

Calyssa Arielle Solomon her height has not been made known publicly or by any reliable source.

The weight of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Her weight is not revealed to the public or found in any reliable source.

The Nationality of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s nationality is the United States of America.

The Ethnicity of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Arielle Solomon’s ethnicity is the United States of America. 

The Instagram handle of Calyssa Arielle Solomon:

Calyssa Arielle has no Instagram handle making her life private away from social media.


Calyssa Arielle Solomon’s mother Nadya Suleman popular known by the media as the Octomom, set a new record for giving birth to the longest surviving octuplets.

These octuplets and the six children she had before were all born via Vitro fertilization (IVF).

The birth of the octuplets brought her some level of admiration and also criticism.

The arrival of the octuplets sparks a debate about ethics, reproductive rights, and the responsibilities of parenting, the challenges of raising children.

The story of Nadya Suleman

Do you think, Nadya Suleman should have implanted six embryos in her womb? Was her decision wrong or right?