Have you ever wanted your own glass menagerie? Collecting glass is a fun and beautiful hobby, and if you are new to adding glass to your home in the form of vases and sculptures, you may be surprised to learn that there are different kinds of glass.

The most popular ones for collectors include art glass, depression glass, carnival glass, milk glass, and Murano glass, and in this article, you will be walked through how to care for Murano glass, ensuring that it retains its beautiful appearance and value.

Be Careful!

When it comes to moving Murano glass, whether it is to be cleaned or simply admired, it stands to reason that you need to handle it with care. Indeed, many people who have purchased Murano glass will only move it while wearing gloves, as this avoids transferring oils and dirt onto the glass. Of course, you need to move it slowly and take care when moving around it, or you may knock it, and then it will do what glass does best. Many people who have purchased Murano glass from antique websites like the Decorative Collective will keep it locked behind glass to ensure it doesn’t get knocked. This also keeps it dust-free and allows it to be displayed.

No Direct Sunlight

If stained glass proves anything, it is that glass can look amazing when the sun hits it, and while Murano glass is no exception, you will want to limit its exposure to direct sunlight. UV light can cause the coloring of the glass to become faded, meaning it may lose its vibrant hues. Ergo, many collectors will keep the glass away from windows and UV light sources and use UV filters on cabinets and windows to protect the glass from the sun.

Dust It

The last thing you want is your Murano glass to get dusty, as it can damage the sheen on the glass, as well as make it look dull. So, aim to dust your Murano glass once a week with a lint-free cloth that is soft. You will want to avoid using cloth that has lint, as this can scratch the surface. Some collectors bypass cloth altogether to care for their Murano glass and use cans of compressed air to keep the glass dust, which has the advantage of clearing grime and debris from hard-to-reach areas.

Use Glass Cleaner

No, you cannot use wood polish to clean Murano glass! Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and water. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners, and make sure that when you are cleaning the glass, you use a soft cloth or sponge. This will keep the surface clean and will also prevent water spots.

Store It Correctly

If you are moving house or want to store your Murano glass, then you will need to store it in a way that will protect it. Wrap it in acid-free tissue or bubble wrap and store it in a dry place that is free from humidity. Never stack it, as this glass is fragile, and even knocking it slightly with a hard surface can cause microcracks, which can spread.