Spider man is an imaginary character everyone  knows . So to have naturally the traits of  spider man is not possible but yes it will be possible by adopting certain techniques and using tools. By improving  our abilities and body strength we can mimic the powers of spider man .

Without external help , it is impossible to become a spider  man

It is quite obvious that everybody got attracted towards the fantasy world and superheroes like Spiderman . Everyone ,  especially the  teenagers , dreams to do fabulous activities like spiderman but

the question is raised here” is it possible to be a spiderman?”.The answer may bring sadness to you but it’s the truth . It is scientifically proven now that having the adventures qualities of a spiderman is impossible for a normal human being .

Few basic requirements to become a spiderman are mentioned below through which you can understand why it is impossible to be spiderman naturally  for human beings .

Requirements to be a spiderman

  • The most adventurous activities (like climbing a wall ) of Spiderman are quite impossible for a normal being because of the body structure . Smaller bodies or extra large hands and feets are required for wall-crawling . Human bodies , their shape and size are not suitable for wall crawling and things like that .
  • Stickiness in hands and feets is another requirement and obviously there is no sticking power in human organs .
  • The incredible strength of spiderman that is used to cling to different surfaces , to show unmatched speed of running , to use his wrist as web shooters.To show such marvelous  kind of power and strength is impossible for human beings .
  • Spiderman has a precognitive sense . His spider sense psychologically alerts him from the danger before it happens . This sense protects him from physical attacks and even from explosions. There is an increase in the tingling sensation of spider man according to the closeness or greatness of the danger .

All the above mentioned traits are unfeasible or impossible for human beings to acquire naturally or inherently .

Childrens and teenagers feel attraction towards the get up and forces of spiderman . However our society also encourages such childrens who have an adventurous nature .

This is the major reason that other childrens get attracted towards this imaginary character and his activities. They also get some motivation by the heroic actions of Spiderman . And try to imitate him for the sake of attention and appreciation.

               “With great hotness comes

                great responsibility”

How can you make yourself able to acquire the traits of a spiderman ?

You must have the following few tools to be able of doing the incredible activities like the spider man

1)Vacuum Pads

 For climbing vacuum pads are necessary. But you can’t climb as fast as the spiderman climb the high buildings . It takes a lot of time and effort but yes by this invention climbing is possible for spiderman fans . Cambridge researchers said that at least 40% of your body should be covered with adhesive pads for climbing purposes .

2)Sticky Shoes

Stickiness is as important as the strong grip while climbing . There are climbing shoes by which one will be able to climb the high mountains or buildings . These shoes have the sole made of “sticky rubber”.

Sticky Gecko Gloves

These gloves have stickiness like the sticky shoes and let you climb the vertical walls . Stickiness is present in the fingers and palms of these gloves  and one can easily make his dream of becoming a spider man true by wearing these gloves .

3)Web Shooters

The use of web shooters by Spiderman is another inspiring trait for youngsters . In this age of technology a wide range of web shooters are available of different designs and of different brands . A liquid material is used in them . With the help of a certain level of pressure, this web fluid when exposed to air behaves like webbing with adhesive properties .Peter Benjamin Parker realized that spiderman is nothing without this webbing power. Thus he invented wrist-worn devices called by him” the web-shooters”. The simple wrist wearing web shooters are easily available.

There are various types of webbing we have seen in movies like ice webbing , acid webbing , taser webbing , magnetic webbing ,flame webbing . But this is all about the imaginary world and we all know that everything is possible in fantasies. But yes simple web shooters are available in markets .


Spiderman masks, costumes , faceshels , and cosplay are available for those who just want to look like Spiderman . They are cheap in price and are accessible for everyone anywhere .


To conclude the whole debate  we can say that one can behave or look like spider man by using the above mentioned tools and by improving his physical health . Otherwise it is not possible for a normal being because of certain reasons  to be a real spider man in real life and having all the traits and qualities naturally .