Nakyung Park is a famous name of art or painting world. It is not a new name for art lovers. She is a very famous artist from South Korea. She is also well known makeup artist and skincare specialist.

Family and early life:

Nakyung Park is the daughter renowned Director and TV personality Park Cheol. Park Cheol worked as director of various TV series. On the other hand there is nothing known about Nakyung Park mother. Nakyung Park also called Nikki. 

Being a daughter of celebrity she does not share very information about her personal life. We can say that she is very conscious about her personal life. The siblings of Park are unknown.  Her age is 43 years. She born in September her horoscope is Virgo. Her height 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is 58 kg.

 She got married with renowned American director and actor Wesley Snipes. The marriage ceremony took place in 2003. Park is the second wife of Wesley Snipes. She has four children Akhenaten Khiwa, Alaafia was born in 2004 Alimayu was born in 2007 Iset Jua was born in 2001. Nakyung Park was born in September 1977. She has South Korean nationality. After some time she moved to USA. She has nationality of South Korea but she also has nationality of Canada. Nakyung is a part of ninety nine percent Koreans who identify themselves as Korean. Because park belongs to South Korea her husband considers South Korea as his second home. Park attended elementary school in Seoul and then she moved Vancouver, British, Colombia, during her teenage life. She got admission in the Vancouver Island University and learned about graphic designing. She took classes about fashion makeup art. She is also a famous makeup artist. Park also provides her services as skincare specialist.

In 2006 Wesley faced charged of fraud in the United States and another charge was for making false payment in America. Snipes was charged six count of willfully failing to file federal income tax return by filing dates and not filing tax returns for years 1999 through 2004. Wesley was fail to file federal income tax returns and was convicted for three years. Wesley released after three years. These cases also damage his career.

Nakyung Park was pregnant with her fourth child when Government of America files case against her husband. She supported her husband as he went jail and she looked after her family for next three years. Despite the economic stress she survived without losing their luxurious lifestyle.


She is a very successful painter. Her passion for art began at very tender age. It is believed that Park attended her first painting class in her neighbor garage. It is famous that she was a shy and mostly expresses her feeling through paintings. She continues to grow her passion. Like many other people she converted her passion into her carrier.  She has been very passionate about her paintings since childhood. She was five year old when she starts painting. She used to paint big sunflowers using oil pastels. She communicates through her art. Much later she starts graphic designing and make up artistry.

She runs her own business for many years and then she start painting which she continues to practice till day.

 She has painted some of amazing sketches and wall painting that are very worthy. She took part in several art exhibitions one of the most prominent being at Covan02 Art gallery in Vancouver in 2017. In 2016 same gallery she exhibited her art for Modu Korean artist and Canada group. Some sources claim that she is a self made business women. She has a beauty company makeup Vancouver.

 She is almost a shy person she does not like to share her work on social media. She is neither on facebook nor intsgram. If someone interested in her work they have to contact her through official channels. She has her official account on intsgram, twitter and facebook. In 2020 Nakyung main account on Intsagram boasted 3.1 thousands followers and her secondary account has one thousands followers. Park has three thousands followers on facebook. She also has an official account on social media.

Net worth 

The art and painting industry is among the most gainful fields in the world. Park has made impressive work in that scene. But she does not like to share much information about her assets. But some sources estimate her net worth around $500 thousands. She is also has share of her husband wealth and assets. According to sources her husband Wesley assets is $10 million. Wesley worked in many movies and later on began his own security firm to provide security for celebrities. Nakyung Park makes average salary of 65,494 dollars. 

Sources claim that Spines Wesley and Nakyung Park had a lavish apartment in New York City. But it was destroyed during the incident of world trade center. In addition her husband has several luxurious cars like Range Rover, Chevy Impala, an Escalade and many other branded cars. The couple has been living luxurious life with their children. Park helps her husband in different ventures projects. The couple has multiple source of earning. Park also gains income as a makeup artist and skin specialist.

 Relationship with Wesley Spines

Wesley Spines was married to his college friend. The couple had a son born in 1988. But they got divorce in 1990. After five years of divorce Spin and park get married in March 2003. The couple got married in 2003. Ceremony took place in country House. This was a unique trend at that time. Soon after marriage Park gave birth to a baby. Spines face many cases in his career but park always support him and his family in any trouble.