Natalie Nunn is an American reality television star who has made her name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has also take part in “Bad girl club” which had the highest number of views ever recorded in history and also known for her breakout role in Oxygen’s hit series. Her personality and ability stirred   Natalie to another level that landed her on lucrative   jobs like BCG all-star Battle, BCG: Redemption, love game, and hosting “Top ten OMG’s”. All this jobs made her pay slip appealing. Rumors has it that her net worth is $ 2 million and her annual income is $ 1.5 million per episode.

She was born in the year 1984 in Concord California united states of America.  She lived in Pleasanton, California with her family. Her parents were Karen Ann and Ronald Earl Nunn. Her mum did two jobs to provide them with a good care. She was a Christian by faith. Natalia was always interested in performing and other extracurricular activities than school since she was a child. While in Aragon high school in San Mateo she participated in athletics that made her participate in junior Olympics in 2002. Ronald Nunn was his only brother whom they grew with.

She started schooling at a catholic school then later transferred to Aragon high school. After finishing her high school education Natalie joined University of Southern California after getting full scholarship. She played defense for Trojan women’s football team while at the university. Then later Natalie graduated with a degree in communication and sociology.

Nunn was blessed to be raised by both parents Ronald earl Nunn and Karen Ann. She had one sibling whom they grew up together by the name Ronald Earl Jr. Ronald Earl senior origin is African-American and Brazilian and her mother Karen is of Italian, Irish and French decent. Alan “Sarge” Maillard (the son of August F. Maillard and Katherine Riordan) was Natalie maternal grandfather. Mary Eva Vella (the daughter of joseph Vella and Mary Larosa) was Natalie’s grandmother. Joseph Villa was of Italian origin. Mary Larosa, Natalie’s grandmother, was born in New York and is of Italian origin. Nunn was born and raised in concord California, united states of America in a well Christian family. With all this family lineage Natalie is thus an American nationality and of Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and African-American ancestry. Her mother did two jobs to support the family. In 12,2014 was reported to be pregnant for more than three months but a few weeks later she had a miscarriage. On 16 April 2017 the latter deliver her first baby girl in the name Journey Ruth Payne. The baby father was Jacob Payne. At the age of 6 Journey was assuming the role of a CEO at Journey Hair Payne. The company dealt with all organic hair care product for children. It was opened in 2020 by her parents.

Since Natalie Nunn was born in 1984 December 26 her age as in 2023 is nearing 39. Natalie is of American height about 1.68 meters. She has green eye and blonde black hair. Her weight is approximately 70 kilograms.

Natalie Nunn was also good in dating as she is in her work. She has dated number of popular artists like rapper Whiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Ty Lawson and Rorrey Fenty Rihanna’s little brother. From 2003-2009 she was in a long relationship with American actor and singer Olimide but they broke up because of trust issues. Detroit, Michigan on October 2011 Natalie Nunn mate a handsome man who mate her definition of a man Jacob Payne a professional footballer who played indoor American football for ‘Arizona Rattlers’ and they started dating. Jacob surprised Natalie when they were on their vacation in Negril, Jamaica by asking her for a hand in marriage. The love birds legalized and validated their relationship as husband and wife on May 5, 2012. Their wedding was broadcasted on TV as part of the reality series ‘Bridezillas’.  Natalie and Payne shared their experience on Bill Cunningham show about Bridezillas as well as their life in marriage. After their wedding Payne departed Arizona football League to play for other countries, one of them being Brazil. November 12, 2014 it was announced that Natalie was three months pregnant with her first baby. However, she suffered a miscarriage. But on April 16 2017 Payne home welcomed a new soul to the world. The baby was a girl and she was given a name Journey Ruth Payne.

While attending ‘USC’ the passion of acting grew big and big that she decided to follow the path of acting. Natalie Nunn had a lot of fame after appearing in the fourth season of ‘Bad Girl Club,’ which was premiered on Oxygen on December 2009. She offended Kendra James, Amber McWha, and Lexie Woltz which led to her experntion from the show. In 2010 she did well in TV series ‘Hair Battle Spectacular,’ as a guest judge which led to invite to be part of fifth season of ‘Bad Girl Club.’ Natalie managed to demonstrate personality on the show which focused on live of a group of women who have variety of behavioral challenges. She has been on several TV shows. The year she started hosting the Tea Party with Natalie Nunn, a talk show on which she analyzed current events and conducted interviews. She co-starred her husband in second season of marriage Boot Camp. Natalie is also an entrepreneur who sell cosmetic on large scale. Natalie also included herself in several actives in entertainment industry like modelling and hosting. She is also an author, she published a book titled ‘Turn Down for what’ on May 28, 2013.

In social media Natalie is also an influencer as well. On her official Instagram page, where she posts pictures and videos she has more than one million followers. She created twitter account on February 19, 2009 has more than 500,000 followers. Natalie Nunn’s career in the entertainment industry has been defined outspoken presence and willingness to address criticism head-on.