Are you aware that the American propane gas industry is worth over $34 billion?

Propane has many uses but one of the most iconic ways it comes in handy is when it’s time to fire up the grill. Whatever you need a propane tank for, it’s essential to learn about what your options are.

Are you wondering what you can choose from? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of propane tanks that exist today.

Small Tanks

If you want to be a smart homeowner, then it’s crucial to know that not every propane tank is suitable for compact heaters, grills, RVs, and similar things. The best kind of tanks for these situations range from 20-pound to 40-pound cylinders.

Anything more than that is potentially going overboard. You don’t want a large tank weighing down your RV, for instance. This is especially true when you have to lug the tank back and forth when refilling it.

Medium Tanks

If you have a sizeable propane grill or another appliance, then you could invest in a medium-sized propane tank. It’s not unreasonable to have a 60-gallon or even a 100-gallon tank, although that can sometimes be pushing it.

The cap on medium tanks is a 120-gallon one. Most people use this type for just about anything except heating a home. You can use it on appliances like clothes dryers, stoves, water heaters, and even fireplaces.

Large Tanks

If you want to power your entire home with propane gas, then you’re going to need something even bigger. Larger tanks can store around 325 gallons to 500 gallons.

The exact type of propane tank for this purpose will often depend on the size of your property. If you have at least 2,500 square feet or more, then you’re better off investing in a 500-gallon propane tank. Anything smaller than 2,500 square feet of property can allow you to get away with a 325-gallon tank.

For residential properties, it’s best to do further research into propane tank sizes. That way, you can have more confidence in your final decision.

There are also tanks available for commercial and industrial use. For a property with over 4,500 square feet, for instance, you’ll need a propane tank that can handle 1,000 gallons or more.

Now You Know About the Different Types of Propane Tanks That Exist Today

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of propane tanks that exist today, you can home in on the one that will fit your needs to a T. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family members over for an epic cookout in your backyard.

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