In 2020, 90% of American households had an air conditioning system. But it’s usually a sign that something else is wrong, such as an AC issue in the home. While it might just be your AC, many contributing factors in the home can lead to your air conditioner giving trouble.

Are you noticing that your air conditioning has more problems than average? Or maybe it’s just not working the way it should be.

Read on to learn the five most common AC issues homeowners deal with.

1. AC Not Turning On

It can be due to a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If you have a tripped breaker, reset it and see if that does the trick. If you have blown a fuse, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Another possibility is that the AC is getting power, but it’s not enough to turn it on. It could be due to a problem with your home’s voltage or the AC unit itself.

If you suspect this is the case, you’ll need to call an electrician to take a look. Check out local HVAC companies to get some info on their services. You can click here for more to get a scope of quality services for your AC units.

2. No Cool Air Flowing

Various factors can cause it, but the most common cause is a Freon leak. Freon is the coolant that circulates through your AC unit to keep the air cool. If there is a leak, the Freon will escape, and the AC will no longer cool the air.

Other causes of no cool air flowing can be a dirty air filter, a faulty compressor, or even a window being left open. Make sure to have your filter cleaned to improve airflow. Furthermore, closing any drafts can help retain the cool air from your AC system.

3. Hot Air Blowing Out

It usually happens when the AC unit is not sized for the home or not getting enough airflow. If you notice your AC unit blowing out hot air, you should check the air filter and make sure it is clean.

You should also check the evaporator coil and ensure it is not frozen. If you have a central AC unit, you should check the ductwork to ensure no leaks.

4. Refrigerant or Coolant Leaking

It can cause the AC unit to stop working and may even cause it to break down completely. If you notice any AC unit leaks, you must immediately call a professional to fix them. Otherwise, you could face a much larger repair bill down the road.

5. AC System Freezing

Though it may seem like a strange problem, it can happen quite quickly. The main reason why AC systems freeze is because of a lack of airflow. When the air isn’t flowing, it can cause the system to freeze.

Another common reason is because of a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow and cause the system to freeze. If you suspect your AC system is freezing, you should check the air filter and ensure it’s clean.

Avoid AC Issues to Ensure a Comfortable Home

Homeowners face a few common AC issues, but there are ways to avoid them. You can prevent many common problems by installing AC maintenance on your unit. If you do face an issue, be sure to call a professional to help you resolve basic to complex HVAC problems.

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