Did you know that the global ad industry is expected to reach a value of $1 trillion within the next few years?

While more and more people are spending significant amounts of money on advertising, it’s worth taking a breather and thinking about original ways of promoting your brand. That way, you can get people’s attention. For instance, creating custom patches for clothes is one way to think outside the box.

Are you wondering how you can promote your brand by wearing it? Keep reading to learn about the different types of patches available.

Embroidered Patches

When it comes to types of patches, the embroidered kind is synonymous with quality. Otherwise known as a cloth badge, this type of patch can bring your logo, company name, and any artwork to a whole new level of life.

Whether you sew it onto a jacket or a backpack, it’s sure to catch the eyes of anyone who happens to look your way. There’s also a tactile element to these patches that make people want to reach out and touch them because the embroidered design is raised.

If you’re wondering how to choose the right backing for your patch, then see here.

Woven Patches

Are you still wondering what other different types of patches for clothes are available to you? Woven patches are quite similar to embroidered patches except they don’t have that raised quality.

Depending on the design, you can actually get more detail in the patch when you choose the woven kind.

Printed Patches

Yet another type of clothing patch is called printed patches. These involve printing the design on a blank patch that has a plastic surface. These don’t look as great as woven or embroidered patches and can fade over time from sun exposure, for instance.

Chenille Patches

If you want one of the most unique patches for clothes, then chenille patches might be the solution for you. They basically look like little pieces of a fluffy rug.

The catch is that these types of patches can’t depict many details. You should only go with chenille if your design is on the simpler side.

Most patches give you the option of iron-on. This means it comes with a wax backing that can melt with heat and so you don’t need to worry about sewing it on.

Ready to Choose Between Different Types of Patches?

Now that you’ve learned all about the different types of patches available, you can choose the one that will best reflect what your brand stands for. Aside from you and your employees wearing the patches, you can also share them as swag for your customers. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

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