With every spritz of perfume, you’re choosing how others will remember you and how you’ll remember the moment you wore it. This makes perfume one of the most personal beauty products out there.

As such, there’s a lot to consider when adding a new fragrance to your collection, including the notes, price, and how it reacts with your natural scent. Not to mention, you’ll also need to decide between the various types of perfume available.


Parfum has the highest concentration of fragrance oil at around 15 to 40 percent. Because of this, it’s often the most expensive kind of scent available and usually comes in a small bottle with a stopper.

The high concentration of fragrance oil gives parfum a heavier, stronger scent and an oily texture. Often, a few dabs on your pulse points will be more than enough to ensure that you can smell the heady mix of fragrance notes all day.

Eau De Parfum

Eau de parfum has a fragrance oil concentration of 10 to 15 percent. This lower perfume oil concentration and higher levels of alcohol and water make eau de parfum lighter when compared to parfum. That said, eau de parfum still lasts for up to eight hours.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette contains four to 15 percent fragrance oil concentration and usually comes in a spray bottle due to its higher concentration of water and alcohol. Eau de toilette lasts for up to four hours, meaning you may need to refresh throughout the day or switch to a stronger eau de parfum for the evening.

Most of the best perfumes, including Versace Eros on www.perfumeprice.co.uk, include an eau de toilette in their range. This is because many people prefer a lighter, fresher scent, especially for work or daytime wear.

Eau de Cologne

One of the most common perfume myths is that cologne is only for men, but cologne originated as a lighter variant of a fragrance. Even now, you can find some female perfume scents listed as eau de cologne.

Eau de cologne contains a fragrance oil concentration of two to five percent and lasts around two or three hours. Because of this lower concentration, it tends to be more affordable than other types of perfume.

Eau de Fraiche

The least expensive and least concentrated perfume type in the fragrance industry is eau de fraiche. Containing between one and three percent fragrance oil, eau de fraiche is ultra-light and usually only lasts an hour or two.

Your Guide to the Different Types of Perfume

Ever wondered about the difference between the various types of perfume out there?

While all the names can be confusing, now you know what terms like eau de cologne and eau de parfum mean, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find a fragrance you love.

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