Prostate cancer is considered common, yet every year, the illness takes the lives of about 33,000 men. Men often find this statistic to be scary, as many will not realize they have the condition until it becomes severe.

You may be considering treatment for prostate cancer but are unsure what is best for you. If you are at a healthy weight, the nutritional choices you make also affect your risk for this condition. Would prostate cancer surgery or radiation be best?

Let’s discuss the differences between prostate cancer surgery vs. radiation.

What Is Prostate Cancer Surgery?

Prostate cancer surgery is used to remove the cancerous tissue from the prostate gland. The most common type of prostate cancer treatment is a radical prostatectomy, which involves removing the entire prostate gland, as well as surrounding lymph nodes.

Performing this type of surgery laparoscopically or through a large incision in the lower abdomen. Other types of surgery include cryosurgery. It freezes and kills cancer cells, and laser surgery uses a laser to destroy cancer cells.

Prostate Cancer Surgery Guide

Prostate cancer surgery results in less blood loss, less pain, and a quicker recovery. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the cancerous prostate gland and some surrounding tissue.

The surgery usually takes about two hours. After surgery, you will stay in the hospital for one or two nights.

Radiation for Prostate Cancer

In order to receive radiation for prostate cancer, you will need to consult with a radiation oncologist. They will check if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment. The oncologist will go over your medical history and do a physical examination.

If you have other health conditions that may make radiation therapy unsafe, you may not be able to receive this treatment. The oncologist will also determine the stage of your cancer and whether or not it has spread to other parts of your body.

But if your cancer is bounding to your prostate, you may be a good candidate for radiation therapy.

Prostate Cancer Surgery vs. Radiation

There are many differences between prostate cancer surgery and radiation. The most common difference is the side effects. Surgery can cause incontinence and impotence, while radiation can cause urinary and bowel problems.

Radiation is also less invasive than surgery, so it has a shorter recovery time. Another difference is that surgery can be used to remove cancer, while radiation only kills the cancer cells. Radiation is also more likely to cause recurrence than surgery.

There’s Hope With the Treatment

Prostate cancer surgery vs. radiation; both are effective treatments for prostate cancer. There are pros and cons to each treatment. That’s why it is vital to discuss these with your doctor to decide which is right for you.

It needs further research to make a definitive conclusion about the best treatment for prostate cancer. In the meantime, patients should talk to their doctor about the pros and cons of surgery and radiation and make a decision that is best for them.

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