Career options and prospects have varied over the last 2 decades due to the changes in market demand and the economy. For example, computer sciences have taken the market by storm due to the high demand for IT knowledge and the rapid digitalization of our society. Some jobs, although “ old “ are still popular choices like engineers, paralegals, and doctors while others will die out according to some estimates. Whatever the case may be, in the text below you’ll find out 6 possible career paths you can take, which are in high demand now. 

Computer management 

As said, the rapid digitalization of the market opened space for a new and high-in-demand profession. A computer manager is a person looking over the “ technical “ part of a running company, i.e. making sure all the IT services needed are spotlessly working. A computer manager makes sure everyone can access the needed data and software, fixing troubleshooting issues, and managing all IT-related issues.

But, the IT section of a company is holding several other prosperous positions for interested individuals. A system analyst is doing exactly what the name suggests. They are establishing open communication with the customers with the purpose of understanding better their needs and wishes regarding the system. They are also in constant contact with the designers to make sure the idea of the software is conveyed perfectly, and they interact with the developers to ensure needed upgrades are done on time. 

The infamous programmers have several jurisdictions. Depending on whether they are application, system, or maintenance programmers their job essential is to work on new programs, test them, run them and maintain them over time. Programmers are especially in demand and usually, the starting salaries are high. 

A computer educator is a person educating new employees on all the functionalities of the system and IT equipment. They help employees manage the different digital tasks more efficiently, by explaining their function and use. They are also there for everyone else if any problems appear. 

Business administration 

Business administration usually means overlooking everything regarding the business aspect of a commercial enterprise. It usually means the supervision of the whole organization and the operations being conducted. It often means taking up the role of manager and leader; planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling while evaluating the overall progress of the whole business. The above-mentioned are also known as the five rules of administrating, and usually include overlooking all the other aspects such as accounting, quality assurance, finance, project management, research, and quality control. There are subcategories of this vocation, and all these professionals can be separately mastered. For example, someone who studies for a masters of commerce can later specialize in management, economic and accounting-related fields. They can look to handle the financial, management, or even marketing sector of the enterprise. This career path is opening dozens of doors within the corporate world, and as it is an ever-growing business going never out of style, there will always be a job for someone who mastered some of the many possibilities falling under this category. 

A further advantage of enrolling in some of these programs is the possibility of constantly increasing your knowledge and enriching your skill set. Many corporations are offering free seminars to further boost the morale and competence of their employees, for example. It makes it possible to progress indefinitely. So, if find yourself having certain skills regarding marketing, finance management, leadership, and establishing positive control this career might just be your perfect fit. 


Not just any writer, technical writers. Technical writers can be seen as professional informational providers, giving you and explaining all the needed data regarding a certain product or subject matter. Technical writers are usually responsible for all the “ guideline manuals” we receive from a company regarding the use of their product, they also write articles and simplify the more complex making them accessible and understandable for the majority. Technical writers are in demand as it is a matter of talent, although the skills needed for the professional can be learned, trained is what really stands out and makes an amazing writer. Of course, we are not undermining hard work, but you’ll need an eye for detail and the “ brains” to truly understand the subject matter in order to simplify it. 

Some of the skills you’ll need for the job are a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, the ability to understand, learn and simplify multiple topics, and experience in writing. The profession offers the chance to progress in terms of skill and pay. 

Medical care and assistance 

Medical assistance has been in high demand for the past deceased and the need is constantly growing. A medical assistant, as you can assume, is providing the needed help and support to the leading doctor. They are taking care of the first contact with patients, usually making sure all the documentation is in check, and they also may conduct lab analysis, take samples and instruct the patines on their recommended therapies. The job is nothing to underestimate as you’ll need a vast knowledge of medicine and a certificate in the proper training for the profession. 

The job is mostly taken by medical students, as it is paid nicely and helps them get through medical school But, anyone with a high school diploma and finished training can go on this career path. It also opens many doors, and with experience, you’re not restricted exclusively to hospitals as private clinics are always in need of additional staff members. 

Truck drivers 

A turn from the conventional job prospects often addressed, truck driving has always been in demand as not many are willing to make the needed sacrifices. A truck driver spends most of his time on the road, transporting goods ( from medical to food and furniture), and although the time schedules are tough the salary is usually somewhere in between. However, the reason for this might be the lack of needed educational background and the only requirement is mostly to have a driver’s license and the training to operate a truck.


Similar to the above, construction workers are sought after as most people are shifting towards jobs usually considered easier and better paid. Yet, constriction workers are the building block of our society working long hours and under pressure to finish the job. The pay varies depending on your employer and whether you have some special skills ( electrician, plumber, mason). Generally, the job is not the first choice of many, but as with drivers, your educational background doesn’t play a role but rather your experience and skill set. 

We hope you’ll find what you are looking for and this humble list will make it easier to narrow down the many choices available.