According to a new study, more than half of Americans feel insecure about their teeth, with seven in ten people admitting that they are self-conscious and have gotten criticism about their teeth. 

Today’s society in America values having straight, white teeth. It has become a symbol of wealth and status, so achieving the perfect smile is highly desirable. 

How can you achieve this perfect Hollywood smile? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading our guide below for everything you need to know. 


Veneers are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of perfect teeth. These are what most celebrities and movie stars have, which is where the term “Hollywood smile” comes from. 

These are best used if your teeth are more than just a little imperfect. Veneers are thin outer shells made from porcelain or composite material.

They get put over the front of your teeth to cover up any imperfections, stains, or blemishes. Initially, when celebrities would get veneers, they would look oversized to the point of obviously being fake. 

Today, dental technology has advanced, and you can hardly distinguish between veneers and natural teeth. 


Shaping is an excellent tool to improve your smile if your teeth are just a little crooked or uneven. This is similar to getting your nails filed.

Your dentist will file down the teeth that need to be even, such as if you have long front teeth or a crooked one on the side. 

You may use shaping alongside other dental procedures to achieve that perfect smile. 


Bonding is a procedure perfect for covering up stains or chips in your teeth. Your dentist will take tooth-colored material and fill in cracks, gaps, holes, or chips to make your smile whole again. 

You can also use it to cover up stains, allowing your teeth to have an even color. This is a less involved process than getting veneers and is quite effective. 


Perhaps your smile is pretty straight already, and you are just looking to complete it with whiter teeth. This is the simplest procedure you can do, and you can choose to do it at home or at your dentist.

Typically, getting it at your dentist is a safer option, and it will take less time and be more effective as your dentist will have more advanced technology. 


If you have extremely crooked teeth, you may consider getting braces to straighten them out. You can choose between metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign.

Depending on what you need them for, such as if you need braces for overcrowding, you might be only eligible for a certain kind for it to be most effective. 

However, you can rest easy knowing you are on your way to achieving the smile you desire. 

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