Red wine is good for diabetes

Red wine is touted as a beneficial beverage for diabetics, as it lowers the heart risks that are associated with a diabetic patient. American diabetes association study results found that by keeping blood flow smooth, wine improves circulation of blood. It reduces the stiffness of arteries to make circulation smooth.

Red wine helps a diabetic patient with type 2 diabetes to deal with many issues that are considered risky for the heart. The results came after study conducted on males with the same diet and lifestyle with red wine as preferred beverage along with diet. It was found that males with red wine as part of the diet had increased the levels of good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol had also shown improvement by coming to the lowest levels. These males also showed improved insulin resistance. Experts point out that these impacts are due to components of the red wine.

Research on red wine for diabetes

Red wine is considered good for heart health and this fact ensures that even people with diabetes can get the same benefit from the red wine. Even with diabetes, they can reduce the health risks that are associated with diabetes.

A study was done on males, who were asked to follow the same diet, and ingredient, but with and without red wine. They are specifically asked to follow moderate consumption of red wine that is not more than one glass of wine daily. The study period was two years.

Results were that wine reduced cardiovascular risk by improving heart health. The good cholesterol levels were found to be in higher levels in the males who were asked to consume wine.  Also some males who were having slow alcohol metabolism showed low blood sugar levels. Thus, the study supports the earlier study by American doctors that males with type 2 diabetes are less likely to face heart issues. They also showed lower mortality.  The males with red wine consumption also have higher good cholesterol levels.

Interestingly, resveratrol supplement also keeps blood sugar level in control. so without red wine , the  supplement of the same also shows the same benefits.

Moderate consumption of this particular wine is associated with less risk of getting diabetes, type 2 diabetes. The data from the study mentioned that consumption has to be low close to 30 grams daily to get the most favorable. And the best thing is that there is no weight gain and increase in abdominal fat with moderate consumption of red wine. 

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One aspect of the red wine which can enhance the ambience before using Generic Levitra 40 mg is using it with dinner. However, an online team of doctors from does not prefer swallowing erection boosting drugs with red wine. They recommend only water for swallowing oral medicine. Anyone with low interest in intimacy can review the interest with a wine, as some experts say that it creates a reaction in the sensory and engaging part of the brain. It might help the couples to get engaged mentally and get the erection by stimulation easily.

Anyone struggling with blood sugar control should consider medical consultations before relying solely on red wine as a single cure. This is because all studies involved males who were able to control blood sugar level near low or safe levels.

Improve blood circulation

Red wine reduces the stiffness of arteries supplying blood in the body. It can work for males with stiff arteries and reduced blood flow towards the pelvic area. Males who are facing erectile dysfunction due to stiff arteries can rely on wine to improve their blood circulation. Thus it can be a natural remedy for males who use Sildenafil citrate 150 mg for increasing blood flow to overcome erection difficulties. The experts involved with the study say that this is due to the structural change in arteries rather than relaxation of blood vessels.


All studies which showed that red wine is good for diabetes are conducted on males with controlled diabetes. Anyone with a above normal sugar level should consult the doctor before consuming red wine just for diabetes control. Red wine, as a part of a healthy diet and active life showed more benefits than as a single alone factor in controlling diabetes or preventing diabetes associated heart issues.