Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which helps us to stop bleeding by forming clot in blood. It also helps us keep blood calcium levels and ensure bone and heart health. There are two kinds of K that we get. K 1 is from plants vitamins and K2 from meat and other non vegetarian items.

There is hardly a man with this vitamin deficiency. But when the deficiency comes it causes serious consequences. K 1, which we get from vegetables, is converted into K2 by our body, which is a storage form. The K2 from meat is absorbed in small intestines. It is stored in liver and fatty tissue.

Health benefit from vitamin K

A lot of vegetables contain this vital vitamin. Green leafy vegetables, cabbage, spinach, mustard greens, beans, kale, parsley, broccoli, eggs, strawberry, fish, chicken liver, etc.  The important thing is keep a balanced diet to get the vitamin. Since there are so many vegetables and sources of this vitamin, any balanced diet will ensure enough doses for us.

Reduces Blood Clotting

This is the biggest benefit that comes from the K vitamin. It performs this task by transporting calcium to different parts of the body.  Without this vitamin, it would be difficult to amalgamate prothrombin, which happens when injury takes place due to any cut in blood vessels. Prothrombin, is a protein made in the liver, and is one of the factors that cause clotting of blood. This vitamin ensures that enough blood circulation is taking place in peripheral bodies and tissue.

Ensures a healthy heart

A healthy heart needs smooth blood circulation in the body. It needs to obstruct the flow of blood in arteries and vitamin K ensures that there is no calcification of arteries. In other words, all calcium deposits are removed by this vitamin. This is the major support for a healthy heart as it prevents heart strokes and reduces blood supply in the body. The reduced blood supply is also a major problem for males in the pelvic area. Since blood nerves in the pelvic area are narrower, any obstruction in the flow of blood leads to the first symptom in the form of erection issues in males. It is due to lack of blood flow in the male organ that leads to erection difficulties. Though doctors prescribe Generic Cialis 60 mg for higher erection difficulties, the best solution is enough intake of vitamin K in diet.

Strong bones

Vitamin k is crucial for strong bones, as it ensures that there is enough protein in bones to keep bones strong. It has been proved by medical experts that people who have adequate intake of this vitamin are less likely to get bone fractures.  Without the K factor, the bone will have low density. One serving of lettuce and vegetables daily will reduce the risk of bone or hip fracture by half.

Helps deal with Menstrual Pain

With vitamin K, menstrual pain can come to low levels, as it ensures hormones are functioning optimally in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Curb Internal Bleeding

It prevents the cases of bleeding of the liver. The vitamin K is also necessary to check the side effects of long term use of antibiotics, poor absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, and jaundice.

Cognitive Health

Vitamin K also ensures that you remember your first day in office, first meeting with the partner, or some romantic evening you have spent with your special ones in your younger days. The study has shown that it improves brain development and cognitive function. Adequate intake of this vitamin has helped people improve their episodic memory. Cognitive factor is a major cause behind erectile issues in senior males. Keep brain health intact, so that you can use Sildenafil citrate 150 mg for erection support, as brain role is important in stimulation for an erection.

Reduce the risk of bile duct blockage

Bile duct blockage leads to serious infection cases. It occurs when duct supplying bile from the liver to the intestine gets blocked. It happens due to prolonged use of antibiotics. The matter gets worse when the user has deficiency in vitamin K.

 Excessive Menstrual flow

Any lady facing excess blood flow during menstrual cycle must be having deficiency of vitamin K. It regulates certain hormones to prevent excess blood flow.  A balanced diet with vegetables will give you enough of this vitamin to take care of blood flow and pain during these periods.

Immunity boost

A healthy digestive and cardiovascular system ensure that we are eliminating the risk of several diseases and getting rid of toxics on a daily basis.  Online medical team of UShealthcarepharmacy suggests  a regular intake of food with K factor to ensure a healthy digestive system and heart for efficient transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the body parts.


The K factor is important for our body, bones and heart. However, if you are on blood thinners, then consult a doctor before using vitamin K supplement or increasing its intake through food. Use supplements only when a doctor recommends in case of severe deficiency, otherwise rely on a balanced diet.