Statistics around stress are staggering. On average, 77 percent of adults face regular stressors that affect their physical health. Even more specifically, 80 percent of working adults say they face stress on the job.

Build up of stress in everyday life cannot be ignored.

Inside and outside the workplace, you need to become intentional about stress management and find strategies to feel relaxed during the day. Read on for recommendations to bring relaxation into each day.

Relax Your Mind

When identifying relaxation techniques to build your stress-free day, you must consider relaxation for both your mind and body.

Starting with the mind, here are a handful of ways to bring calm to your mind. Even if you have a short amount of time, incorporate these techniques into your day.

Take Pen to Paper

If you are struggling with overwhelm from tasks, worries, or your to-do list, try journaling. Many people feel more relaxed after laying out all anxieties and feelings on paper. 

At the very least, this will help you process what you are feeling and bring awareness to your need for a mental break or rest.

Soothe With Music

There is evidence-based science for how music affects the brain.

Utilizing soothing music can reduce stress and prevent burnout. Studies have shown that a workday with just 30 minutes of music daily decreases stress and lowers emotional exhaustion.

Find or make a playlist with soothing music that allows your mind to settle amid the daily stressors.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Trying meditation encourages you to be fully present with yourself. During focused meditation, check with your body, and tap into your senses to ground yourself back to the present moment.

You can close your eyes and ask yourself what you are hearing, feeling, or where you are carrying your stress.

Incorporate deep breathing to couple with your meditation. Often, when feeling stressed, people tend to hold their breath. Give yourself permission to breathe and recalibrate your body for a few minutes.

A benefit to deep breathing by having breath programs and meditation is that it can be as short or as long as you want or the time you have. Engaging in this throughout your workday will give you space to re-center and clear your mind for the rest of your day.

Relax Your Body

Once you have a handle on relaxing your mind, consider how you will find total body relaxation. Just as with your mind, there are several ways to relax your body, but here are a few that will be the most effective.


Exercise is a benefit to your overall health, and it’s also a great way to reduce stress through movement.

Depending on how much time you have throughout your day, you could try yoga. There are different types of yoga ranging in skill, location, and length of the workout. This variety gives you plenty of options to find what is best for your body and schedule.

If a workout program isn’t your ideal stress relief, you could take a simple walk. Use part of your lunch break at work to take a quick walk around your office to get your body moving. 

Yoga is the practice of physical and mental discipline. It’s a centuries-old practice that has become modernized for the current times. Yoga is not just about feeling good, pure yoga offers plenty of health benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing flexibility and improving quality of sleep.

Get Outside

You can take the last idea of taking a walk a bit further. Rather than taking a quick walk inside your office or building, try heading outside for a walk.

Even more simply, you can take your lunch outside and sit in the fresh air for an extended period.

Getting outside is even more vital for those with poor lighting or minimal access to windows throughout the day. Give your eyes a break from screens or straining in poor lighting, and head out for a break.

THC Gummies

If you need a tasty and effective technique for feeling relaxed, you might want to try delta 9 gummies after checking with your doctor. 

These potent THC gummies will bring you relief and relaxation in a fast and easy way. These gummies may help reduce symptoms of anxiety related to stress that make it difficult to focus and be productive.

As you get started with THC gummies, you will want to start slow and give your body time to respond. The recommendation is that you start with a small dosage and work up to a higher dosage as needed, giving it about 90 minutes to gauge the effects of the gummy. 

Release Muscle Tension

An option for stress management if you have more time and a line item in your budget is massage.

A massage will bring immediate physical relaxation while releasing tension in your muscles, lowering heart rate, and releasing endorphins to calm your nervous system. With all those benefits, it’s helpful to consider scheduling a monthly massage therapy session.

During your deep breathing and meditation, you can take the time to assess where you are holding your tension.

Is it your neck and shoulders? Are you aching in your lower back? Becoming aware of this will help you know where you need the most attention during your massage.

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Feel Relaxed During the Day and Make It Consistent

The majority of adults face a heavy amount of stress each day, especially during work. 

Get ahead of the stress and the toll it takes on your body, and implement regular stress relief throughout your day to feel relaxed. Make a consistent plan for caring for both mind and body for your best health and productivity.

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