The dentistry specialty known as periodontics solely deals with the inflammatory ailment that wreaks the gums and additional tissues. A dentist specializing in periodontics, gum ailment diagnosis, and dental implants is known as a periodontist.

A periodontist Kansas City offers various treatment choices, from moderate gingivitis to painful periodontitis. In Missouri, Kansas City is the most significant state in terms of area and population. There are 508,090 residents in Kansas City, and they spend an average of $99.93 for one dental visit in Kansas City. The overall healthcare expenses in Kansas City are slightly less than the national average.

Types Of Services Offered By Periodontists

The whole range of periodontal therapies, including invasive laser procedures and surgeries, are provided by periodontists.

1. Scaling And Root Planing

Plaque and calculus are removed from a patient’s teeth during scaling and root planing. A periodontist thoroughly scrubs the tooth’s root during the appointment to get rid of plaque that has built up in the periodontal pockets. If the bacteria have moved to less noticeable areas of the mouth, the dental practitioner may also clean behind the gum line.

 Then the periodontist will smooth the roots to peel off excess bacteria, which can deter the growth of gingivitis so it would not become a severe gum ailment. In Kansas City, the fee for deep cleaning is generally $104, while it is $72 for children.

2. Dental Implants

Dental implants are frequently utilized to restore missing teeth when the periodontal ailment is the cause of tooth loss. An implant, commonly referred to as an artificial tooth root, resembles a screw in appearance. The implant is placed into the jawbone by the periodontist, where it fuses with the surrounding bone. A trained periodontist in Kansas City specializes in gum disease diagnosis, gum ailment treatment, and implant placement.

In Kansas City, you must spend about $3,000 to $4,500 for a single dental implant. The average price range for replacing all teeth with dental implants would be $20,000 to $45,000. Here, you can choose a dental insurance family plan for as low as $42 per month.

3. Gingival Flap Surgery

This operation is also known as pocket reduction surgery and deals with mild to severe periodontitis. The periodontist will make incisions and carefully separate your gums from your teeth. That way, they can view the illness that is pervasive beneath your gum line. The periodontist will carefully scrub the roots of your teeth before repositioning and stitching your gum tissue.

4. Smile Lift

A few people’s extra gum tissue partially hides their teeth when smiling. A smile lift is an option for those who want to enhance the appearance of their smile. During this treatment, the periodontist will pull out the gum and a little bit of bone from the area surrounding the troubled teeth.

5. Surgical Crown Lengthening

Occasionally there might not be sufficient area to put in a dental crown if your tooth breaks off close to the gum line. When this occurs, the periodontist will trim away a small amount of bone and gum tissue from the area surrounding the affected tooth to ensure the crown fits adequately.

6. Bone Grafts

The bone that supports your teeth can deteriorate due to periodontal disease. The periodontist will implant a bone graft to encourage the growth of new bone there. The bone grafting supplies are frequently bought from a bone and tissue bank. However, they may utilize a portion of your own bone from another part of your mouth.

7. Gum Or Jaw Indentations

After a tooth is lost, an indent may form. As a result, the fake teeth may appear unstable and strange when compared to the natural teeth around them. Ridge augmentation is a common technique used by periodontists to restore the gums and jaw’s natural contour.


Treatment options provided by periodontists include removing deteriorated tissue, scrubbing contaminated root surfaces, and regenerative techniques. For individuals with painful gum ailments, periodontists also conduct surgical operations as required.