Breast cancer is major cancer among women in India, with an age-adjusted rate of 25.8 per 1 lakh women. The rate is as high as 41 for every 1 lakh women in Delhi. Its followed by 37.9 in Chennai and 34.4 in Bangalore.

In this condition, the breast cell increases abnormally, leading to tumor formation. A majority of breast cancers start in ducts and lobules. Good awareness about it and frequent screening done by a reliable facility can assist in preventing this cancer earlier.

The best cancer hospital in Bangalore offers various treatment modalities like radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. The experienced specialists of such a hospital treat the condition depending on the stage and site of cancer. 

Kinds of Breast Cancer 

The categorization of this cancer is according to various factors. It includes the tumor location, how far it has spread, hormone receptors, and the condition’s aggressiveness. The two broad categorizations include:

  • Invasive breast cancer is cancer that has reached surrounding tissues and other body parts via the bloodstream. Its significant types are invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. 
  • Non-invasive breast cancer is localized and hasn’t spread to other body parts. Its two main types are lobular carcinoma and ductal carcinoma. 

What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer? 

The symptoms of this cancer type can differ from one person to another. Generally, people experiencing this cancer experience the following symptoms.

  • A lump in or close to the underarm. 
  • Breast tenderness that doesn’t change with the menstrual cycle.
  • Change in the shape, size, and color of the nipple. 
  • Armpit swelling.
  • Skin irritation like redness, peeling, dimpling, and flakiness all around the nipple.

Treatment of Breast Cancer

They include the tumor’s size and location, the patient’s menstrual factors, the cancer type, the age of the patient, and their overall health.

The best cancer hospital in Bangalore has a team of qualified oncologists specializing in Oncoplastic Surgery, Conservative Breast Surgery, and Breast Reconstructive Surgery. Some surgery options for breast cancer treatment include the following.

  • Mastectomy – In this process, the full breast is removed. In a double mastectomy, both the women’s breasts are removed. 
  • Lumpectomy – In this procedure, the tumor is extracted. The surrounding tissues that are infected are also removed. 
  • Sentinel node biopsy – This process involves eliminating a few lymph nodes affected by the tumor. They are also tested for cancerous cells. 
  • Auxiliary lymph node dissection – In the event that the lymph nodes taken during the above procedure are tested positive, the oncologist removes more lymph nodes. 
  • Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy – In this process, the healthy breast is removed to prevent cancer from spreading. 
  • Radiation therapy – In this procedure, high-powered beams are employed to kill cancer cells. Other treatments in this line use external beam radiation. It utilizes a massive technique outside of the patient’s body. Brachytherapy is an advanced radiation therapy that enables doctors to employ radiation to eradicate cancer from the body completely. 
  • Hormone therapy – Hormone therapy is used when breast cancer is sensitive to hormones. Female hormones like progesterone and estrogen trigger the development of breast cancer tumors.
  • Medication – Some medications are designed to attack mutations in cancer cells. Drugs like Herceptin blocks the production of the HER2 protein. This protein facilitates the growth of breast cancer cells. 

If you or your near ones are battling breast cancer, it’s best to get treatment from a reputed center. Those specializing in cancer care create comprehensive treatment plans that lead to positive outcomes.