Are you about to change your hairstyle? Or, you are fed up with your current hair look or want to try something new? Hairstyle remains changing and new trends keep coming with every season. People are so curious to try something new so here we are. Getting the right haircut with the right salon near me also plays an important role.

If you wish to remain trendy with coolest individuality then, we are here to ease your worries. We have all the sassy and classy haircuts listed below for short, medium and long hair. So here are the latest haircut styles which you should consider while going to a salon for a gorgeous haircut.

Pixie hair cut

Pixie haircuts are popular among all the stylist people. This haircut has short hair from back and side and longer bangs in the front. You can comb your front bang slightly back to achieve a clean and chic look. This hair cut comes in edgy categories and mostly classy and stylish girls choose this. But for a smooth look, you can strengthen the front bangs and comb them at the side. 

Wavy Bob

This is one of the most beautiful haircuts for medium and long hair. Wavy Bob is going to be popular among the women this year. Bob hair cut when mixed up with the heavy wavy hairstyle then becomes the new trend “Wob”. This adds the flair and wavy look that just looks amazing. Having a wavy haircut volumizes the hair, it looks chic and heavy. 

Bangs with long bob

This haircut is perfectly made for medium length hair. Women, who have medium length and thick hair, should try it. Simplest and gorgeous hair cut as it seems, the same it looks. You need side bangs with a long bob, fringe with equal length hair for a simple look. A compliment hair cut which every girl wishes to have, it is suitable for all occasions like parties, functions, gatherings or even meetings – from professional to personal life.

Shag haircut with bangs

Shag haircut always looks amazing but the latest version is front bangs. Choppy long layers that perfectly suit longer bangs. For women who have medium length and heavy hair, it’s a go to new haircut. Volumized hair is perfectly ideal for chopped shag and long full bangs.

Layered hair cut for long hair

Usually, no haircut works well for long hair. Haircuts for long hair can be disastrous, if you are not aware of the right haircut. But a multi layered haircut for long hair is an amazing go to hair style. It seems fabulous on long hair. Layered haircut is considered to be great so many times and nowadays a multi-layered haircut is a way to go to try something new for a heavy, classy look.


Undercut hairstyle for women is going to be trending in 2021. This hairstyle means the back and sides of your hair will be shaved and the rest of the hair remains the same. It’s a haircut for short hair. Not every girl has dared to shave their hair as we girls love our hair. Right? But if you are artistic, adventurous or a tomboy kinda girl then this hairstyle was invented for you. Go out of the normal track and try this artistic haircut.

Wavy hair cut for medium length hair

Again, wavy hair cut is the ideal for medium length, heavy and volumized hair. This haircut remains in the hearts of women from so many times. But for a new style or trend you can pair it with trending hair color and beachy waves. Ageless haircut that every age group people can try out. It highlights the face features and enhances the shape of your face. Wavy hair cut suits all face types with short or long bangs.

Layered hair cut with bangs

Layered hair cut is a loving hairstyle by women, yeah it looks amazing for medium and long hair length. Layered haircut with a side or front bang looks classy as well as chic. Very popular among celebrities and bloggers. It gives a cuteness kind of effect on your face. This haircut suits best for teenage girls.

Bottom line

So, these are the latest haircuts that you must know. Medium, long and short length hair cuts were discussed here. You need to get the best haircut for you from a salon. 

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