Every now and then, you come across an article, video, post or ad saying that western wear is making a comeback. The question is, how can something that never left the scene make a comeback? 

Western wear emerged out of necessity for durable and comfortable clothes for cowboys, ranchers and workers in the distant 1800s. And as long as there are people putting in the hard yards, western wear is here to stay. 

From fringe jackets to spurs and neckerchiefs aside, the modern-day cowboy look is nothing more than a casual outfit with an added rugged twist. An outfit that’s versatile, purposeful and useful. An outfit that takes you from paddock to office in style and comfort. One of the brands that does a fantastic job in combining functionality with western fashion that’s well suited for the 21st century is Ringers Western.

Western Clothing for the Farm and City 

Deeply rooted in the Australian culture, this brand offers an extensive range of western-inspired clothes and boots designed with the highest quality standards to meet and exceed the needs of hardworking Australians. Does that mean that Ringers Western apparel is Australian owned? Yes, and what’s more, it’s based on real Aussie station workers. 

Tired of the lack of quality clothing in their line of work, a group of workmates living on a cattle station in the rugged Kimberley region of Western Australia, decided to take the matter into their own hands. With an idea to create their own clothes that won’t rip and tear, Ringers Western clothing was born. Fast forward to today, the brand has evolved into a one-stop shop for people who need and love western clothing.

Bridging the gap between the rural and the urban, Ringers Western clothing and apparel will have you look and feel your best on and off the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re mustering mobs of cattle on the station, running errands in the city, or barhopping through the suburbs, there’s nothing a Ringers Western outfit can’t do. And if you’re interested in uniforms or custom work wardrobe essentials, the brand also offers quality workwear with personalised embroidery options. 

Dressing for the Job You Have and Love

Speaking of uniforms and workwear, having the right clothes for the job is paramount. I’d say that “dress for the job you want” is the worst piece of advice you can get. Sure, it sounds great, but in reality, dressing for the job you want instead of the one you have can often make the situation worse, not better. Imagine working at a station dressed in a suit and tie just because you want to be the CEO of your own marketing company. That’s preposterous!

And what would you think of a law enforcement officer if they asked for licence and registration dressed in a chef’s uniform? Would you care if they wanted to own a restaurant? And what’s more, would you visit that restaurant someday? Probably not. Law enforcement personnel need the right tactical workwear to induce trust and get through the day safely. Hospitality crews need practical uniforms that are welcoming and approachable. 

On the same note, ringers, ranchers and workers need tough and durable clothing that can withstand the rigours of country life. And that’s what Ringers Western apparel delivers. Dressing for the job you have is an act of professionalism, and that’s the key to both, success in your current line of work and your dream job. With that being said, let’s build a modern and functional outfit that gets you through the hard days of work in the yards in style, comfort and confidence. 

Lay the Base with a Western Top

The first thing you’ll need is a lightweight and breathable top that allows you complete freedom of movement. You can find plenty of these throughout Australia at Ringers Western stockists both, online and in-store. You can opt for a casual cotton t-shirt in a neutral colour that can easily be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. For an added country flavour, consider layering up with one of their classic flannos. 

Keep It Classic and Simple with Quality Denim

No country outfit is complete without a pair of blue jeans. Durable, practical and protective, jeans are a workwear staple. In the case of RW jeans, you’re in for long-lasting comfort. Thanks to the premium cotton/elastane blend, these jeans are breathable and stretchy, allowing you to tackle daily tasks without rough and constricting fabrics causing you discomfort. 

What’s more, RW jeans are prized for their high durability—tried and tested in the field, these pants won’t lose their form or colour through hard days of work. 

Layer Up with Warm Outerwear 

Iffy, chilly or transitional weather doesn’t stand a chance when you’re layered up with RW outerwear. Designed with practicality and durability in mind, RW jackets come in a variety of designs to suit all weather conditions. From lightweight and packable windbreakers to warm and cosy sherpa bombers, all the way to classic denim jackets, you’ll easily find the perfect piece to add to the warmth and comfort of your outfit.

Tie the Look Together with Western Accessories 

Ah, yes, the notorious western accessories. Why notorious, you ask? Because they can easily make or break your entire look. One item too many, and the next thing you know, you look like you’re wearing a costume. When it comes to accessories, you should try your best to keep it simple with a few items. 

Yes, bolo ties, neckerchiefs, cowboy hats and belt buckles are all stylish and practical additions, but remember, balance is key. If you’re wearing something bold or ornate, stick to discreet accessories to tie the look together, but if you opt for a casual, pared-back outfit, you can go all out on accessories to add that iconic, western vibe. 

With that being said, you can now explore Ringers Western deals online or drop by your local stockist and give your workwear wardrobe a country makeover.