The eyelash extension market is expected to grow 4.48% by 2026. Unlike many other beauty trends, eyelash extensions have proven to stand the test of time and only increase in their popularity.

 If you are thinking of trying them out, you need to know your options.

Keep reading below to learn four of the most popular types of eyelash extensions to switch up your look.

1. Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions are an excellent way to enhance your natural lashes.

To use this technique, your lash technician will apply one individual lash to one natural lash at a time, which can help create a set of longer and thicker eyelashes. You can get classic lashes in a variety of lengths, curls, and thicknesses, as they are highly customizable.

Classic lashes usually need refilled every two to three weeks but will depend on each individual person’s natural growth cycle.

2. Russian Lash Extensions

Russian lash extensions are designed to be more dramatic than classic lash extensions.

They are not applied individually. Instead, a fan of ultralightweight lashes is created beforehand and then applied all at once. This creates a more voluminous and fluffy effect.

Your lash technician will personalize the fan of eyelashes for whatever look you’re going for, so you can choose how dramatic you want your lashes to be.

Russian lash extensions generally last two to three weeks but can last up to six with great eyelash extension care.

3. Express Lash Extensions

With an express eyelash extension kit, individual mink lashes are applied across your natural lash line. This is the quickest lash extension technique, and they can be more subtle or more glamorous, depending on your preference.

However, they will only last up to two weeks, so they are best used for temporary events.

4. Silk Lash Extensions

The term “silk” in eyelash extensions is not completely honest, as they are not actually made from silk.

However, they are still a very popular form of eyelash extensions, as they have a semi-matte appearance. They are generally thicker than other types and have larger spaces between the lashes.

Because they are synthetic, they are more durable and can last two to four weeks.

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Ready to Try Eyelash Extensions?

You have many different options when it comes to eyelash extensions, so it really comes down to what you are looking for at the moment. Perhaps you want to try a more natural look for your day-to-day but will invest in more glamorous ones for a night out.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find they are a great tool to change up your look.