Roy Bryant Jr was born in Indianola Mississippi. He is the eldest son of Carolyn Bryant and Roy Bryant Sr. The couple owned a small grocery store in a small town in Mississippi. Emmett Till, a black African teenage boy was murdered in Mississippi in 1955. The Bryant family became the topic of headlines after that event.

 Roy Bryant Jr’s mother, Carolyn Bryant was accused of Till’s murder. Roy Bryant Jr’s mother was one of the main suspects in that case and it took a long time to find out what actually happened there. The murder led to the rise of a very significant American civil rights movement. Protest was going around to find out the real culprit.

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Early Life, Age, Height, Weight

Roy Bryant Jr was the first son of Carolyn Bryant and Roy Bryant Sr. He was born on 12th June, 1952. His birthplace was Indianola Mississippi. His height was 5 feet 9 inches. Bryant was around 82kgs. He belonged to a mixed ethnicity and his nationality was American. His parents ran a grocery store in Mississippi. They used to live there with their two children. Roy Bryant Jr grew up in Mississippi with his parents and brother, Lamar Bryant. He did his education from a nearby institution. Bryant Jr was very young when he was diagnosed with cystic fibroids. Unfortunately he wasn’t blessed with a long span of life and died at an early age of 44. In Vinton, Louisiana at the Nibletts Bluff Cemetery, Roy Bryant Jr was buried. 


Roy Bryant Jr had completed his high schooling and graduation from nearby institutions in Mississippi. There is no such record of him going abroad for higher studies. Moreover, the record says that he served in the army hence it can be said that he took necessary knowledge and education which is needed to serve in the army. As there is no more information provided,  it is quite inconvenient to predict his educational qualifications.


Roy Bryant Jr’s family consists of 4 members. His parents Carolyn Bryant and Roy Bryant Sr and the two brothers Roy Bryant Jr and Lamar Bryant. Their family resided in Mississippi where they owned a grocery store. Roy’s father Roy Bryant Sr died at the age of 88 on 1st September 2023. Roy’s mother Carolyn Bryant also passed away this year on 25 April 2023. Carolyn was suffering from Cancer during her last days. She died in Westlake, Louisiana, United States. Sad part is that Roy Bryant Jr died way earlier than his parents. He was suffering from cystic fibroids and died at an young age of 44. Roy Bryant Jr passed away on 29 September in 1995. 

However Roy Bryant Jr’s family was very famous among people in America. Unfortunately not for any positive reason but being accused in a murder case. This murder mystery played a very recognisable role in the civil rights movement in America. Emmett Till’s murder not only highlighted the Bryant family but also put light on discrimination, racism and violence against Africans in America. 

The sources explain that Roy’s mother Carolyn provoked his father to murder Emmett Till. According to Carolyn, she was accused by Till of making advances in the grocery store towards her. This led Carolyn to provoke her husband to take revenge from Till. However most of the evidence went against Bryant family. Moreover, Carolyn in the later years admitted that she had manipulated the story and falsely accused Till about advances. Though Roy’s father was accused of murder of Till yet Carolyn was declared as the main character or mastermind behind the murder which later became a movement to fight for rights. In recent years, Carolyn resented her deeds against Till’s family and all the inconvenience she had created for them.


Roy Bryant Jr is married with three children. He has two sons and one daughter. There is no information about his wife or date. Also he hasn’t opened up about his dating life or any past girlfriends. As he died at an early age his kids must be very young at the time. Further details about his children are yet to be revealed in any social sites. 


Roy Bryant Jr served in the US force as an army officer. He had served his nation all his life and been deployed to different countries. He is famously known for Till’s murder and the involvement of his parents in that case. However there is no evidence that put Roy in the negative news. He has no connection with the murder or Till’s family. Moreover the incident happened when Roy was just a child. Thus this case has not put a crucial toll on his life or career. 

Net worth

Roy Bryant Jr’s net worth is approximately 500k US dollars. The main source of his net worth is his profession as an army officer in the US armed forces. No more information can be found yet about his income. 

Social Media

He didn’t have a social media page. As he died at an early age in the year 1995, so it’s quite unacceptable to have any social site at that time. However there are many social media sites and fans who still debate the Till murder case. The debate will keep going until the racism and violence against the innocent will not stop.