Gus William Dodson was born on October 5, 2014, after three and a half years of his parent’s marriage. Gus Williams Dodson, Gus is his name, and William Dodson is his name from his parents, Williams is from her mother and Dodson is from his father. He belongs to California, the constituent state of America.

Gus Williams Dodson’s both parents are associated with the American film industry, his mother’s name is Ashely Williams, and his father’s name is Neal Dodson. His birth was set to music by British singer-songwriter Alex Murdoch. The zodiac sign of Gus Williams is Libra, according to Astrophysicists. Now he is eight years old in 2022.


Ashely William is an actress since 1993, and Neal Dodson is an independent producer. They got married on May 19, 2011. They are blessed with two children, Gus Williams Dodson is the eldest one, and Odie Sal Dodson is the younger one and his only sibling. Gus Williams Dodson’s parents are famous for one of the remarkable works of Ashely William an actress who played the character of Victoria and Neal Dodson worked as a producer in the Hit television series “how I met your mother” that’s why Gus is famous too. Gus is the richest member of his entire family.


His father Neal Dodson is from Pennsylvania, New York and he is forty-four years (44) old. He is an independent award-winning producer and he produced a lot of films, A Few Of Them Are Margin Call, All Is Lost, A Most Violent Year, TripleFrontier, Breakup At A Wedding, and Meats.  He also won a lot of awards like the Academy Award and Golden Global Award .


His mother Ashely Churchill Williams is forty-three years (43) old. Gus’s mother is an actress, director, writer, and retired Doula. She is featured in many films, a few of them are Christmas in the city, lovesick, a most violent year, and something borrowed. She wrote and directed a short film and played the character of Lane in it which was directed by Gus Dodson’s father and did a great job. she belonged to Westchester county, New York.


Linda Barbara is his grandmother from his maternal side. Gurney Williams III who is freelance health and science writer is Gus Williams Dodson’s grandfather from his mother’s side.


Kimberly Williams Paisley, also an actress is his aunt, Ashley’s elder sister. Brad Paisley, who is a country famous music star is his uncle.


He has only one sibling named Odie Sal Dodson born in 2017. Gus Dodson is three years older than him.


Gus William Dodson is eight years old only.

Height/ weight:

the height and weight of Gus William Dodson is unknown till now according to resources.


Gus William’s educational history is a mystery. Despite this, a lot more details on his academic background are still needed.


As a member of the Williams family, Gus Williams Dodson is among the most accomplished. Gus Williams Dodson is one of the Williams family’s wealthiest members. On the list of the Most Popular Family Members is Gus WilliamsDodson. A well-known guy named Gus was born on October 5, 2014. A well-known personality who became well-known early on in life is Gus Williams Dodson.

Relationship status:

Our records indicate that Gus Williams Dodson is most likely unmarried and has never been wed. Gus Williams Dodson is unmarried as of November 2022. He is a little lad of eight years who has never been in a romantic relationship. He isn’t married right yet.

Net worth:

One of the family’s wealthiest and most renowned members of the family is Gus. The estimated fortune of Gus Williams Dodson is $1.5 million, according to multiple sources on the internet. He fought diligently and earned a lot of money as a family member. Gus Williams Dodson lives a life of luxury that he has attained through his hard labor; he has branded villas, clothing, and other commodities.

Social media presence:

Gus is not really active on any of the social media platforms whether it is Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, or Youtube.