Charlie Puth sexuality is being questioned, which may come as a surprise to many who have followed him since the beginning of his career. This is due to the fact that you are already aware of how many ladies the “See You Again” star has dated. Charlie grew close to a number of actresses and female singers as a result of his YouTube videos, which helped him gain popularity.

You may be asking, though, how many other ladies the singer known as “Attention” has dated and how it is possible that these other people are still unaware of Charlie Puth sexual orientation. Their curiosity lies in learning if Charlie Puth identifies as gay. This article will address your question and provide you information about the source of this rumor.

Profile Overview

Original Name: Charles Otto Puth Jr

Relationship status: Heterosexual

Mother Name: Debra Puth

Father Name: Charles Puth

Siblings: Mikaela Puth, Stephen Puth

Interested in: Dogs, Piano and Guitar

Favorite color: Green

City and Country: Rumson, New Jersey, United States.

Profession: Music composer and Singer

Height: 5 feet 10 inches tall

Weight: 70 kilograms

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Brown shade

Eyes color: Hazel brown color

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Age: 32 years old (as per 2023)

Food Type: Non-vegetarian

Education: Not known

Date of Birth: December 2, 1991

Net worth: $25 million USD

Speculation & Surprise:

Charlie Puth is not gay, according to The Celebrity Stats, because he has dated a lot of actresses, models, and female singers. He has dated a lot of models, actresses, and female singers, but it doesn’t make him g*y. The multimillionaire singer-songwriter Selena Gomez has had romantic relationships with a number of the most beautiful women in Hollywood..

Consequently, he identifies as straight rather than gay. The question that now needs to be addressed is how some people ended up believing the rumor. Unofficial rumors suggest that he worked with Shawn Mendes, who is rumored to be seeing Sabrina Carpenter. Charlie first appeared in an interview with 104.3 MYfm in April 2017 to promote the release of his brand-new track, “Attention.” Charlie talked about his kinship with Shawn Mendes in a few different ways during the interview.

Fake Rumors About His Intimate Life

Charlie Puth has been connected to a number of female celebrities and exudes charm. What makes some people believe that he is gay, though? The fact that he and fellow artist Shawn Mendez are known to have swapped body photographs could be one contributing cause. However, it was reported that since they were both building up, they were merely attempting to compare their respective rates of growth.

Shawn, however, refuted the allegations in an interview with 104.3 MYfm. He mentioned that Charlie had emailed him a picture, but he never replied. The rumors aside, the two are still close friends.

Since Charlie Puth has been accused of queerbaiting—using sexually suggestive information to draw in gay viewers even when the individual is straight—rumors regarding his sexual orientation have been going around.

Puth has been accused of similar behavior by certain people on social media, who claim he is doing it to attract the attention of the LGBTQ community. Charlie Puth addressed the matter and made it clear that he is not queerbaiting in an interview in reaction to these charges. He clarified that the LGBTQ community is a major source of inspiration for him. He conveyed his appreciation for the inventiveness and liberalism of LGBTQ+ culture in all its facets, including music and fashion industry.

Charlie Puth Relationships

Puth is said to be interested in dating a number of well-known ladies, including Lea Michele, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, Bella Thorne, and Selena Gomez. If you dig deeper into his past relationships, you’ll find that the list is made up only of the names of the women he has dated. The singer of One Call Away formerly dated singer Charlotte Sarah Lawrence. They even uploaded their photos to Instagram to formally announce their romance. On Valentine’s Day in 2019, the adorable post was shared.

Charlie posted a Valentine’s Day photo of himself and Charlotte on Instagram at the time, but it has since been removed. The picture in black and white has a heart emoji and the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” in the text. The couple appeared content in the hazy romantic photo. However, the couple split up quickly in 2020, and Charlotte confirmed the news to Vanity Fair in an interview.


The We Don’t Talk Anymore singer has been open about his personal sex life and his relationship to the LGBTQ community’s influence on his music. He hopes to make music that stirs people’s emotions and connects with them because he perceives a link between sex and music. Basically, we can say with certainty that Charlie Puth is straight and not Gay. He has romantic relationships with a number of actors and singers. In addition, the musician shared a photo of himself on Instagram while he was dating someone. Charlie said something in a radio interview that sparked the rumor. However, those were all rumors, and he is categorically gay.


Is Charlie Puth Gay?

No, Charlie Puth is not gay. The singer declared himself as heterosexual. 

What is the sexual orientation of Charlie Puth?

Fans don’t really need to wonder about his sexual orientation based on the history of relationships.

Facts and Figures

Charlie Puth is an iconic singer and music composer widely known to the world due to his magical voice, sweet tunes, and artistic skills.

Charlie is his nickname and his original name is Charles Otto Puth Jr

The mark on his right eyebrow is because he got injured in his childhood due to a dog bite which eventually left a permanent scar.

Before coming as a song producer, he introduced himself by making YouTube videos.

Charlie has a strong religious background because of his bicultural parents. His father is Catholic while mother is a Jewish practitioner.

He had a big crush on Kendall Jenner and has dated many famous personalities like Selena Gomez, Charlotte Lawrence and  Danielle Campbell

Charlie Puth is an epitome of a one man show. His huge hit songs include ‘Marvin Gaye’ & ‘Attention’.