Romelo Montez Hill,son of Monica. Monica is a popular face in the American entertainment industry. Romelo’s mother Monica is a singer. Besides being a singer, the woman is also a famous rapper and actress. She has been performing since her childhood and has gained lots of appreciation till date. She had started her career as a musician by becoming a part of a gospel choir. The choir used to travel to different places and perform. Monica was only ten years old when she decided to become a part of that choir. Later she followed her dream and in the process she met her husband. Monica had to go through many ups and downs in the journey. Keep reading the article to know about Romelo Montez Hill and his mother Monica.

Romelo Montez Hill Net Worth

Romelo Montez Hill is still a child and hence his net worth is unknown. But if we discuss his parents net worth, we must say that Romelo doesn’t have to earn any at this point.

Romelo’s mother Monica’s net worth is $15 million. The source of her income is her Singing and acting career.

Moreover Romelo’s  father Ricko’s net worth is $8 million.

Romelo Montez Hill Family

Romelo Montez hill was born to his parents Monica and Rocko. Romelo’s mother is an American actress, rapper and singer. The lady is a famous name in the entertainment world due to her talent and grace. She is a mother of three more children. She was born in Georgia. While growing up in college park, Georgia she became a member of a travelling gospel choir. She started her musical journey at a very early age. She joined the gospel choir at the age of ten and then never looked back.

 She met her husband Ricko after the death of her boyfriend Jarvis Weems. She was very upset that time and when she met Weems they felt comfortable with each other. But whatever was between them came to an end in 2004. Again in 2005 they gave a second chance to their relationship and welcomed their first child in 2005. Rodney Ramone Hill was their first son. Rodney is a SoundCloud rapper who performs under “Rodneyy”. In 2008 they welcomed their 2nd child Romelo Montez Hill on 8 th January. Just a few months before the birth of their second child Romelo, Monica and Ricko got engaged in 2007 during Christmas Eve. 

In 2010 Monica and Ricko decided to part their ways and they both got separated.

Age, Birthday, Height, Weight

Original name of Romelo is Romelo Montez Hill. Romelo’s middle name is given after his uncle’s name Montez who is Monica’s brother. Romelo was born in 2008 on 8th January. He is the second son of Monica and Ricko Hill. Romelo was born in the United States of America. As he was born in 2008 according to the calculation he must be 14 years old by 2022. He will soon turn 15 years. His nationality is American like his parents. He is also living in America at present with his parents and siblings. He has two siblings namely Rodney Ramone Hill III, Ramone Malik Hill and a half sister Shannon Brown. Romelo Montez Hill belongs to Black ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

Romelo Montez Hill Early Life

Romelo Montez Hill was born in the United States of America. The early days of his life were spent in America with his parents and siblings. Later in 2010 his parents got separated and romelo started living with his mother Monica. According to mother Monica, Romelo’s first birthday was celebrated later in the year in which he was born. The reason behind that was that Monica’s father was sick at the time of his real birthday. People even judged her without Knowing the exact reason. Monica further said that later she planned a surprise party for her children and they are gonna love it. In the later years Romelo along with other brothers welcomed their sister from the next relationship of their mother. 

Romelo Montez Hill Career

Romelo is just a 14 years old kid. It is obvious that he has a lot of time to choose a career for himself in later years. He might follow his parents footsteps as they are famous singers and rappers of this generation. 14 years old Romelo has a hobby of playing guitar and singing. This hobby might change into his profession in future. Thus at this point it is hard to say his exact career choice but in a few years he might also become one of the known faces in the American music industry. Moreover his brother Rodney Hill is already into making music and he has been present in SoundCloud. It has been known that Romelo hill is also assisting his brother in the process. This is a strong indication that he might take this profession seriously in the coming years. However he has full support and experience of both of his parents in the field which makes his way smooth to proceed.

Romelo Montez Hill Relationship

Romelo’s relationship status is single. As he is just 14 years old, there isn’t much information about his relationships. However if we talk about Romelo’s mother Monica’s relationships, then we need to admit that she was quite unlucky with most of them. Before she started dating Ricko, she was in a relationship with Jarvis Weems. Later the man shot himself after the death of his brother. The suicide of ex boyfriend had a negetive effect on Monica’s mental health. As she explained it was her weakest time. Then Ricko Hill came to her life but that relationship also didn’t last long. Later she was with Shannon Brown. The couple has a daughter together. They have been together since 2010 till 2019.

Romelo Montez Hill Education

Romelo Montez Hill is a teenager and must be doing his schooling at present. However his parents have kept this information secret. Besides he has been seen assisting his brother Rodney Hill in producing music. So there are chances that he might be continuing his education in music. As we are not sure about this matter it’s hard to give any proper information.