Berner is an American Bay area rapper and entrepreneur, who was born in San Francisco, California. He is the founder of clothing and marijuana brand “Cookies”. His real name is Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. but he is famous for his stage name “Berner”. He is probably an underground artist but looking at his music career and business career it is clear that he has elevated bit by bit.

Full NameGilbert Anthony Milam Jr.
Famous NameBerner
Age41 years old
Birth PlaceSan Francisco, United States
Height5 ft 6 in, 1.70m
EducationGalileo Academy of Science and Technology
OccupationRapper, Entrepreneur
Relationship StatusMarried to April Martinez

Net Worth

Berner’s net worth is around $410 million dollars as of today. Most of his earning is from his Bay area cannabis empire Cookies. His company has created about 70 different strains of marijuana and has sold up to 2000 weed -related products globally.

His Most Recent Album

He released his new album “From Seed to Sale” on 28th October, 2022. There are 30 Songs in this album. The album features  Mozzy, The Jacka, Wizz Khalifa and Seddy Hendrnix.

Do you know the age and height of Berner?

Berner was born in October 27th, 1981 in San Francisco, California. He is 41 years old.


His weight is 80kgs or 176lbs


He has a very good marketing and promotional skills for business. He has two clothing lines “Freshko”, “Cookies”. In 2014 Berner established a new business of organic Herbal beverages i.e. “Hemp2o”. He also has joined some other companies including Santa Cruz, Shredder, G Pen and Battleapp filling out his portfolio.


He never really talks about his relationships. But he got married to April Martinez in January, 2022. They were supposed to get married in July 2020 but it got cancelled due to COVID


Berner has a daughter named Janelle. She was born in July, 2015. She has her own clothing line. But Berner doesn’t promote her much, as he wants her daughter to make her own way and learn how to do business. He emphasized that he wants Janelle to learn from her own mistakes so that she may run his father’s business appropriately in the future.

Instagram Followers

Berner has 1.9M followers on instagram.

How He Started His Music Career?

 Initially, he started working at a coffee shop. He was a fan of music and starting making music by battle rapping at the coffee shop where he met certain producers. At that time he used to make music in his garage in Arizona-he moved there with his mother for some time. His mother supported him to make his way into the music industry. He then signed and got associated with “Wiz Khalifa” recordings labeled as “Taylor Gang Entertainment”. He has released over 40 albums up till now and some of which have been chartbusters. Berner’s “El Chivo” did great but he never got a gold album which is in his bucket list i.e. to get a gold album.

He also claimed that he does not have any manager or any booking agent.


As far as marijuana business or weed business is concerned, Berner told in the interview that he used to work in a dispensary where he worked as an inside man who would interact with different vendors. He also worked as a bartender and interacted with different vendors and growers where he became interested in weed.

Berner has also launched his clothing line in 2011 namely “Cookies SF”. It was first featured in Berner’s “Yoko” music video, in which Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Big Krit were featured. It’s not a kind of brand that is for everyone.

Cookies has almost 43 stores.

Cookies was offered about a billion dollars but Berner turned that offer down.

In the same interview Berner talked about his clothing line and told that he made around $50-55million from clothing line in 2021 and in 2020 Cookies SF earned $30-32 million. Well, this is pretty good amount.

As an entrepreneur, Berner is aimed to keep his brand sustainable for a long time and want to be a 100 year brand. That’s really good business strategy. He is known for his work ethic and innovative drive.

Cookies SF new Store

They are going to open their new store 30th October,2022 at New York City.

Recent Collaborations

His efforts and perseverance made him weed dealer to budtender to the famous rapper, entrepreneur and investor.

 He is writing a book nowadays on how to build a brand and working on some really cool thing to keep his customers and fans engaged with his music and his brands. He announced a partnership with the creator of “ Snowfall” and producer of “Game Of Thrones” in which they will be doing a scripted crime series which is all about pack shipping in Northern California role in weed. This series will be based on real events..

In the industry, he is not much respected for his music but he is more famous for his cannabis business. He worked with Nipsey Hussle (American rapper) who respected Berner for his music.

He is a man who has to go through with various highs and lows in life, be it in his Cookies business or music career . Also, he got diagnosed with colon cancer which is the biggest fear of his life. But he successfully fought the cancer and is now in remission.

Few Facts and Hobbies of Gibert Berner

In a podcast with Bootleg Kev , Burner told that he has interest in aliens. He further told that when he was in Montana he would go on a boat at midnight and lay down there and would see all the stars and planets up in the sky. He would think that there are a lot creatures and things that are lost up in the sky somewhere.

Berner is one of those persons who researches on a lot of different stuff including planets, stars, life or life after death etc. His hobby is film which he is working on but that is actually the work itself. He did a comedy with Ed Bassmaster.

Recently, Berner became the first cannabis executive who got featured on the cover of FORBES Magazine.