As the spouse of former stockbroker and motivational speaker Jordan Belfort, an American novelist, Denise Lombardo rose to prominence. After four years of marriage, Belfort and Lombardo announced they have split their ways. Nevertheless, Lombardo continues to have a significant following several decades after their divorce. Following the dissolution of her marriage to Belfort, Lombardo completed her graduate-level coursework. After that, she held a variety of positions, such as flooring specialist and sales department employee. She started working as a real estate agent in 2010 and has continued to do so ever since. Lombardo has maintained strict secrecy about her personal life despite her successful career.

Quick Overview

Full NameDenise Lombardo
Nickname Denise
Date of birth11 November 1962 
Zodiac signScorpio
Married to?Nick Amato 
How old is she?60 years old 
HometownOhio, Midwestern region, USA 
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual 
Current ResidenceWashington, Pacific Northwest region, USA 
ReligionChristianity (expected) 
Net worth$2.5 million-$3 million 
ProfessionReal estate agent & sales executive 
EducationBayside High School, Adelphi University 
ParentsAnthony Florito and Ann Lombardo 
ChildrenBrett, Nicholas and Matt Lombardo 
Spoken LanguageEnglish, Italian and German 

Early life

Ohio was the hometown of Denise Lombardo where she was born and brought up in the middle of the 1960s. However, her precise birthdate is not in the public domain. She grew up in Ohio. In 1987, she enrolled at Towson University to study business administration after graduating from high school. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1992. She was an Alpha Omicron Pi member while attending college. She was originally married to Jordan Belfort in 1985, and the two divorced in 1991, reportedly as a result of allegations of domestic abuse.They never had kids together, and she later married Nick Amato, however not much else is known about him or their union. Now you must wonder Whom did Jordan Belfort have children with, in that scenario? Her notorious ex-husband later had two children with Nadine Caridi, one of his other ex-wives: Chandler and Carter Belfort. 

Prior to his marriage to Belfort, Lombardo held positions in the sales department and as a real estate agent. She received a great deal of media and public attention after their marriage. But the union did not survive long, and in 1991 the two got a formal divorce. Following that, Lombardo wed Mlady, her boyfriend. In order to maintain privacy about her personal life, Lombardo has not maintained a social media presence. She is a really private individual who prefers to keep most details about her personal life to herself.

How Denise Lombardo gained fame?

After marrying American novelist, former stockbroker, and motivational speaker Jordan Belfort, Denise Lombardo gained notoriety, but she is more than just Mrs. Belfort. Even though their marriage quickly collapsed, she attained widespread notoriety and popularity, which makes it unlikely that she will pass away anytime soon. Following her split with Belfort, science graduate Lombardo worked in Modern Medical Systems Company’s sales division from 1993 until 2000. She was employed as a Flooring Specialist at The Home Depot Company from 2000 to 2010. Moreover, she worked for the Smith & Nephew Company for two years, from 2006 to 2008.

Body Measurements Chart

Weight61 kg (approx) 
Height157 cm (approx) 
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorDark gray

Post Divorce Experiences

Turning to the topic of Denise, she has concealed her private affairs from the public eye ever since her divorce. Rumors, however, state that she wed Mlady—her longtime boyfriend—after divorcing Jordan. However, Denise and Mlady had dated before they were even dating, so it appears that their relationship has been reignited. 

In the film based on the broker’s life, Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort’s brief marriage was briefly highlighted. Nevertheless, the real-life person who plays the role on television has made a concerted effort to distance herself from her contentious former partner, his white-collar offenses, and the public eye in general. However, some information about her is still accessible. 

According to sources, Mlady and Denise Lombardo tied the knot in 1994. Lombardo has not affirmed or refuted this theory. Therefore, it’s safe to state that Denise and Mlady make a good dating couple altogether.

 But Denise isn’t available on any popular social media platforms. It shows that she has a very private nature. In addition, the wealthy broker prefers to hide her private life from the prying eyes of the media because her well-known romance with Jordan Belfort did not work out. 

Professional Career

Lombardo dabbled in the real estate market in 2010. After obtaining her real estate license, she made an effort to establish herself as a Prudential Douglas Elliman Company real estate agent. Despite Lombardo’s enormous professional success, the media has focused a lot of attention on her private life. Lombardo’s personal life has been questioned and mocked throughout, starting with her marriage to Belfort and continuing through their divorce and subsequent remarry. The lives of Jordan Belfort and his two wives are portrayed in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street.” Cristin Milioti portrayed Dennis Lombardo, and Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Jordan Belfort.

Net Worth

Denise Lombardo holds a degree in science. That’s why she didn’t spend much time lamenting Jordan’s divorce and quickly gained her reputation. Her net worth as of right now is roughly $9.5 million. Her efforts as a salesperson, real estate agent, and flooring specialist have contributed significantly to her net worth.

Even after divorcing Jordan, Denise received a lump sum settlement payment. Jordan was the Wall Street wolf, therefore Denise was allegedly paid $3 million in alimony. This money plays a big part in her current remarkable net worth as well.


What is the Professional Career of Denise Lombardo?

Several reports claim that she is currently operating well as a sales professional and real estate agent in the Washington region, where she currently stays.  

What Are the Current Activities of Denise Lombardo Doing?

Following her divorce from Jordan, Denise Lombardo explored a number of career choices. She worked in every department conceivable during that time, from the sales department to the flooring specialist. She eventually made the decision to become a full-time realtor in 2010 and is presently doing well with the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company.

What is the Marital Status of Jordan Belfort Now?

Jordan Belfort is no longer single now. The media discovered that he had wed Cristina Invernizzi, his long-term lover, after they had dated for two years. The couple was married in front of friends and family in Las Vegas, where they met in 2019. Argentina is home to model and actress Cristina Invernizzi.