With almost 700k followers on Instagram, the trendy businessman Ramneek Sidhu has became the new entrepreneurial face of India. With a net worth of 6 crores, and a monthly income of around 25 to 30 lakhs, he has become quite popular on social media and now, everyone wants to know who the guy is.

So, in this article, we’ll present everything about him, available on the Internet. And we will discuss what made him the person he is today.

Who is Ramneek Sidhu?

So who is this guy? And why is he getting more popular these days? Ramneek is a 26 year old Indian entrepreneur who started his digital marketing company, “Digital Kings”, during 2016, which works with celebrities and brands to help them build their strong social media presence, and grow their audience. It is now spreading throughout Asia.

He was born in a small town of Mohali in Punjab. With all his hard work, success, and the fact that he has built his career on passion, he’s becoming an inspiration for the youth of India and is getting quite famous over social media platforms for his entrepreneurial journey. And the fact that he has done all this at such a small age, inspires more people and help them get over their toxic belief of age barrier, that the society has put into them.

To be honest, this is quite a good thing. Because when people like this get trendy over social media, they spread the belief that anyone can do that, so people always learn something new from them. And they end up shaping people’s mindsets for good.

His Education And Career

Ramneek completed his schooling from Golden Bells public school, situated in Punjab. He then completed his BTech at the Royal and Bahra Group of Institutes in Haryana.And around that time, during college, he started his digital marketing journey.

Now, if you’re thinking that he did this with the help of his school and college, that’s actually incorrect. Nothing of whatever he has built has ever been taught in Indian schools.We can think of the amount of criticism he would have faced during the journey. And maybe that’s also part of the reason he’s getting so much appreciation.

So, he’s a self-taught entrepreneur whose drive to follow his passion made him learn everything by himself and build a business around it. So, if you want to take something, let’s not look at his education, because that matters little. His drive to follow his passion, learning new things, and taking risks is something we should all get inspired from.

And that’s a good thing. Because many times, we think that we can do nothing without proper formal education. But the reality is, it’s the age of the Internet and you can learn every possible thing you want while sitting at your home and build a business around it.

Family Background

Ramneek belongs to a middle-class family, from the small town of Mohali, in Punjab. Besides that, he has never opened up publicly about his family, and there’s not much information available on the Internet.

His Entrepreneurial Journey

Ramneek belonged to a middle-class family. And we know the challenges one has to face in order to reach this level. When you don’t have much financial backup, and you have to start from the very basic, People all around telling you not to do that because it involve risks, it’s hard to gather your mind and energy again and again. But besides all that, he believed in himself, took the risk, and started his journey in 2015 when he was in college. Despite having all that college things going around, he still managed to choose his own path and give time to his passion.

Always having an interest in digital marketing, he then built his own company over it. Which works with brands, Bollywood and Hollywood actors, and help them grow and build a strong social media presence. Which requires a lot of brainstorming because there’s a different strategy for each individual client. So they require a strong coordinatiing team. And Ramneek has done that. His company, having offices in India and Dubai, is now being scaled to Canada soon.

A normal guy from Mohali, having a company branch in Canada? That’s a big deal. Many of us think that college matters a lot, but Ramneek didn’t go to Harvard or Oxford. And still, built a company scaling internationally. It’s never about the college. But it’d always be about the skills you’ve gained. And Ramneek strongly believes in skill-gaining. With almost 7 years of hard work and an entrepreneurial journey under his belt, he’s now becoming a new inspiration for the youth of India.

His Views Over Digital Marketing

From building a company over digital marketing services to serving clients from India, Dubai, and now even from Canada, Ramneek Sidhu understands the power of social media. On average, a person spends almost 3 hours of the day on social media. He understands that social media is the future, and every business ranging from small to large, needs a strong social media presence. He understood the trend, and made a business over helping people, in relevance to that trend.

Ramneek is a strong believer in influencer marketing. And this proves that he’s such a good observer of trends. Because this is so true. People will trust the words of their favourite influencers more than the company’s claims itself. When our favourite people on Instagram and YouTube tell us that a certain product is good, we tend to believe them. And there’s a strong chance that we would even buy the product. Because there’s a sense of attachment and trust already established, which sometimes, companies are unable to do, So, getting help from influencers to market products is a great idea. And that’s why Ramneek supports this strategy. Because he understands the math behind, and see a big potential in the field.

And since he’s planning of scaling it even further, he believes the potential in this field is up to the sky.

What Mindset Can We Adopt From Him?

Even though there are countless examples to show this, again, Ramneek shows us that whatever family background you have, whatever school or college you’ve gone to, it all matters nothing. You can still build your career backed up with your work of passion, and that life of your dreams. From being a normal guy from Mohali to having offices in Dubai, he has done enough to set an example that anyone can do anything. You just need that urge, which usually comes in when we have belief in ourselves. And that belief, Ramneek is giving to people. Because when we start believing, it’s all about that continuous learning and applying it to the real life.

And the second thing we take from him is consistency. In 2015, he started his journey when he was in college, and it’s been 7 years he’s doing it. Would he have faced obstacles too? Yes, of course. And that’s the most crucial part: that despite of all the obstacles, he maintained his patience and kept moving since the last 7 years.

And moving forward, despite of all failures, is an art itself. That is something we should learn with time, and Ramneek sets a good example for that.

Meet Him On Instagram

Ramneek’s profile has almost 700k followers and 85 posts by now. And it’s full of beautiful and lovely places he has visited. Oceans, cruises, hotels, mountains, beautiful buildings, concerts, etc. Clearly showing how passionate he is for travelling and photography, living the life of his dreams. One more thing to learn here. Many of us somewhere, quite forget to take time off and enjoy our lives. But this man shows us that, however busy you are, always take time off to visit your favourite places with your family and keep doing the hobbies you love.

And to mention, if you go through his profile, he seems to have a constant love for beanies. He has worn them in almost all his pics, and to speak frankly, he looks quite dashing there.


Ramneek Sidhu gained so much success at an early age, travelling the whole world, and is becoming the new entrepreneurial face of India. After so many years of hustling, he’s finally living the life of his dreams. There are no fewer things that we can learn from him. Hardwork, consistency, and patience are what brought him here.

It doesn’t matter from which city you are, which language you speak, what your family background is, or if you have a good financial background or not. He’s showing the world that, despite everything, you can always build a career around your passion, and achieve the life of your dreams with consistency and a strong belief in yourself. Which you will work on slowly and with time, and eventually, you will also get that unwavering confidence in yourself. Living your own life, the way you want.