If you are a big fan of travel, then you probably have thought about traveling to the UK at least once. Many amazing and unique places in England are worth seeing at least once in your life.

Traveling to new places is what gives me much joy. But if you haven’t planned any trips yet, and you need a positive charge, then play at the online casino. Well, we proceed to our top of the most important places to visit in the UK for travelers.

UK Travel

Looking at travel photos, you can almost always unmistakably recognize those that relate to the UK: the peculiar architecture of the capital and its iconic places, red buses, and telephone booths, the special charm of the province, and the leaden clouds of coastal zones, magnificent ceremonies, hats, strict dark blue uniforms of public schools. A country with a very long and rich history, strict etiquette, and almost one and a half hundred cities called Newtown, of course, cannot be described in just ten places, so here are just some of the attractions of the kingdom.

Stonehenge in Wiltshire

The complex consists of several circular and semi-circular lines of vertically placed menhirs that had a ritual purpose. One of the most mystical places in the world still causes heated discussions in scientific circles. After all, those who built this inexplicable structure of 25-50-ton megaliths, many of which were brought many hundreds of kilometers away, did not leave behind any documents or other evidence. Experts classify Stonehenge as the Neolithic and Bronze Age, the historical monument has been taken under UNESCO protection.

Jurassic Park

A complete sense of immersion during the Mesozoic arises when visiting this unique open-air paleontological museum, covering a historical period of 185 million years. Scientists have established that over 100 species of dinosaurs lived here at different times, fragments of the remains of which can be found just walking along the beach strip.

Westminster Abbey in London

This UNESCO-protected spiritual shrine has witnessed many royal weddings and funerals. It seems that nothing has changed here for many centuries: the design, the architectural ensemble of the abbey, and the general atmosphere of solemnity and grandeur make such a strong impression. The complex consists of the Collegiate Church, the Palace of Westminster, and the Church of St. Margaret. The beginning of construction of the modern building was carried out under King Henry III in 1245 on the site of the seventh-century Benedictine church that stood here, erected by King Sabert.

London Eye

Installed on the south bank of the Thames, the largest observation wheel in Europe can be seen even from areas far from the center of the English capital: its height is 135 m. This is one of the bright sights of London. Slowly floating egg-shaped capsules for 25 people create a feeling of something cosmic and unreal, but they carry quite a functional load – to entertain and allow everyone to see the beautiful views of the city.