More than 1.4 billion people travel internationally every year. Whether you’re traveling to a different country or staying within your own country for your next trip, it is important to have certain travel essentials with you. As long as you have the right vacation essentials with you, you won’t have to deal with hardly any issues, and you can fully enjoy your vacation.

But where should you start? What kind of smart travel items should you bring with you? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Packing Cubes

Some people think that packing cubes are a gimmick, but in reality, these cubes are incredibly useful and very efficient. When you throw your clothes and other items into your suitcase, they’re going to get all bundled up, and it will be hard to find exactly what you need when you open up your suitcase again later on. But when you use packing cubes, you can keep everything organized.

For example, you can put your shirts in one cube, your pants in another, your accessories in another, and so on. This is not to mention that you can even use these cubes to store your electronics, your snacks, and a bunch of other things. In short, packing cubes are essential to bring with you on your travels.


No matter if you’re visiting the Northwinds Hotel Canmore or a desert in another country, it is always essential to bring sunscreen with you. Some people believe that they should only use sunscreen if they plan on going to sunny, warm areas, but this is not necessarily true. You should also use sunscreen even if you’re going to a colder and cloudier climate.

This is because the sun’s harmful UV rays can pierce right through the clouds and harm your skin, even if it is a cloudy day outside. This is true even during the winter months. Too much time in the sun can leave you with a nasty sunburn.

This is not to mention that excessive sun exposure can increase your risk of skin cancer and even accelerate the aging process.

Extra Clothes

Bringing extra clothes or shoes with you is always a good idea. After all, you never know what might happen to you when you’re out on your travels. You might fall into a ditch or a puddle of mud and completely ruin your go-to clothes.

But as long as you have an extra pair of clothes or two with you, this won’t be a problem. This is also true for shoes. Sometimes, your shoes might get unexpectedly ruined by dirt, water, or some other substance, especially on hikes and other intensive ventures.

So, bringing an extra pair of shoes with you will save you the trouble and stress of your regular shoes potentially getting ruined.

All About Your Travel Essentials

If you want to have a good vacation, you should be sure to bring the right travel essentials with you. As long as you do that, you’re bound to have a good time.

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