The UK is a place that is somewhat notorious for having changeable weather, to put it mildly. Being famous for grey skies and rain, even when it’s supposed to be sunny, can lead people to dismissing an entire slew of locations that could otherwise be very appealing. However, summer still represents your best chance to see the best weather that the country has to offer.

That might not be enough, however. Good weather can strike wherever you are, but you might want to make the most of it. Well, believe it or not, the UK is host to a myriad of scenic coastal locations that you might be missing out on, and the summer sun gives you an opportunity to tour these and change your perspective on how beautiful the UK can be at its peak.


While there are many places within Cornwall that could individually be named, the whole county is fairly bunched together, meaning that if you go to any one of these places for an extended period of time, you have an opportunity to visit the others as well. Some, such as Falmouth, might be the more scenic among them, but they are also quite popular among tourists, which might lead to them getting busier in summer than you’d like.

However, the main issue that you might have with visiting Cornwall is simply that it’s so far away from everywhere else in the country, and getting there might require a decently long journey. If you fancy the train, this is a good opportunity to see some scenic spots along the way, keeping yourself entertained with a good book or games on your phone, such as looking for the best paying online casino.


Another one that is quite the hit with the tourists, Brighton exhibits a completely different atmosphere than Cornwall due to its placement and popularity. Its bustling nature means that Brighton shares some of the character that you might have come to expect from London, especially with the prestige surrounding the famous Brighton Lanes, which may well be high up on your list of spots to visit.

The beach here is also quite vast, leading to them becoming very busy. To some people, that will be a detracting point, but to others, it might represent the summer buzz that they’re hoping for with the beach-side restaurants and bars.

Barry Island

While this is a location that might have been popularised by the success of the TV show ‘Gavin and Stacey,’ it has charms well beyond simply being the backdrop of the beloved comedy. Much like Cornwall, in the sun, this place can allow you to feel as though you’re somewhere farremoved from the noise and stress of the world around you. While Brighton might represent a spot that offers you the same kind of excitement you’d expect from a big city, Barry gives you a place where you can relax and enjoy the sun in a scenic and peaceful environment.

There are plenty of places to choose from when trying to find the right coastal town for you; it simply comes down to your own preferences.