Mauritius is one of those places that reserve a spot on everyone’s bucket list. With the array of activities that take place on this small yet huge island in the Indian Ocean, everyone is simply missing out by not vacating there. There are many activities and sceneries with the perfect blend of culture, making the aura irresistible. It offers a chance to let go, relax, and enjoy the natural surroundings that cover the area. From having clear blue seas to unpolluted beaches with some of the cleanest sands, the temperature is absolutely refreshing. Let’s see some of the benefits that come with visiting this esteemed destination.

Nature’s Playground

Mauritius prides itself in having beautiful scenery that engages all of the senses. The Island has a lot of natural beauty, ranging from wet forests to flowing waterfalls and the Mauritius hotels that offer great views of sunsets and sunrises. Such natural wonder like Black River Gorges National Park serves as a home for various native plants, animals as well as others. 

Hikers can walk on various trails that run through thick vegetation and provide spectacular views over the heartland of the Island. The other great treasure of Mauritius is known as Chamarel Plains, which has distinct geographical forms, including the Seven-colored earth. The surreal landscape consists of colored sand dunes, each contributing to an amazing visual display that represents the distinctiveness of the Island’s geology.

These are the coral reefs of Mauritius, which act as a sanctuary for sea habitats. They will also have access to an exciting underwater environment full of colorful fish, coral gardens, and even swimming dolphins for snorkelers or divers. Snorkeling in the Blue Bay Marine Park is done on pristine water with high marine diversity.

Culture and Heritage

Mauritius is also endowed with an interesting culture that resulted from a mixed blend of African, European, Indian, and Chinese influences. This diversity has led to the existence of various languages, customs, and cultures that co-exist harmoniously on the Island.

Contemporary development efforts co-exist with the historical landmarks of Port Louie – the city capital. The whole Central Market is painted in different colors – its sounds and odors reflect the colorful street atmosphere of the island. There are two activities that can be done by tourists; one could visit hand-crafted artworks by artisans or enjoy genuine Mauritian road food and have a chat with friendly locals eager to tell their stories of the nation. One has the opportunity to see the historical significance of the Island at these places, such as a tour of Aapravasi Ghat. This immigration center served as a cultural melting pot because indentured laborers were brought to present-day Mauritius in the 19th century.

Indulging the Palate

Mauritian food is typically mixed with African, Indian, Chinese, or European flavors as a result of their history. The Island’s gastronomy is exemplified by street food as well as high-class joints having mouth-watering food displays. One has to taste “Dholl puri,” which is a street food in Mauritian. This is an example of flatbread stuffed with seasoned lentils, pickles, and chutney. The availability of fresh fish and marine animals in many restaurants infused with local fragrant herbs appeals to seafood lovers.

Those who want something beyond superficial culinary experience can enjoy cookery training in various locations and learn to cook typical Mauritian sweets. Island’s cuisine is a journey for the body. It consists of such foodstuffs as Rouile (a tomato-based strew) together with Alouda, which is a highly refreshing drink prepared by Agarae.

Mauritius is not only about spending days on clean sandy beaches. It is one of the most exciting playgrounds for a spurring adrenal. There are various types of adventures that people can pursue using this free period, ranging from mild, moderate, to extreme thrill-seeking. Water sports such as kitesurfing, parasailing, and water skis are exciting on the coast of the Island. 

There are also plenty of things one could do just for fun in Mauritius. The island is good for sailing with clean and warm water, while it also has strong enough breezes that allow people to windsurf or, rather, have a chance at kitesurfing. Also, the island has other activities like quad biking, zip lining, and walking. A network of trails, zip lines, and viewpoints in Domaine de l’etole creates exhilaration while exploring this nature reserve.