Closed management, no going out, no gatherings, no visiting, staying at home is responsible for yourself and your family. The Spring Festival in 2021 is a bit different. The epidemic is due to the responsibility of oneself and others and can only stay at home for the holidays. However, cleaning during the Spring Festival is inevitable. How can we more comfortable cleaning home hygiene?

  Wiping the floor, washing clothes, cleaning windows, and all sorts of tidying up and storing. Every day I am tired and half dead… In order for everyone to complete the cleaning efficiently and easily, I bring you a set of tips for cleaning. Act again and get twice the result with half the effort.

First do it, let go:

  What is severance? “Break off” is actually a modern life concept proposed by the Japanese, which means “cut off unnecessary things, discard excess waste, and get rid of the obsession with objects.” How about, is this concept particularly suitable for you in life now? Think about how long you haven’t lost anything, how much space do they occupy you? Stop using “just in case” as an excuse. Throwing things regularly can improve the quality of life. Get Wayfair discount code at Brand Discount

or example: clothes that have not been worn for two years, old data cables or chargers, obsolete electronic products, cheap accessories, expired cosmetics, hoarded plastic bags and cartons…In short, there are all kinds of unused, obsolete, and used ones. Things should be thrown away or given away. After you have cleaned up these things, you will find that your home is more spacious, things are well packed, and it is even easier to find things.

Then, store:

  After the “break away” is done, we can move on to the next step-storage. When it comes to Japanese families, the first thing we think of is clean and tidy. The Japanese are famous in the world for their love of cleanliness and tidiness, which is inseparable from their emphasis on organization and storage.

Storage of wires: 

In this digital age, every household has many wires, which are either entangled or cannot be found when used. You can use a transparent bag or a small storage box to put them away one by one and label them so that they are neat and easy to find when used.

Refrigerator storage: 

How large is the capacity of the refrigerator? I think for those who have a life, I always hope that the bigger the better, because it is not enough. What is the coup from the receptionist? The transparent storage boxes and bottles can be sorted and put into the refrigerator to save a lot of space. At the same time, the iced food can be placed vertically, which saves more space and is also convenient to take.

Finally, clean:

   Retirement and storage is only the first step to make the home tidy, and the other crucial step is to clean the ground. With the development of technology, traditional brooms and mops are gradually being replaced by new products such as sweeping robots and floor scrubbing robots. Sweeping and wiping must be done first, then wipe, and wipe the floor separately to maximize the function.

The sweeping robot is a “really fragrant” tool. As long as your home is not too messy, you can still have a good experience in using it. It can basically meet the user’s needs for floor cleaning, and the sweeping robot can be set to sweep unlimited times a day. Therefore, the unclean and missed sweeps you are worried about are completely non-existent. If the sweeping robot cleans regularly twice a day, your home The degree of cleanliness is not worse than that of manual cleaning. Get Wayfair discount code NHS at NHS Discount

Sweeping is the process of mopping the floor. Why choose a mopping robot? In terms of mopping behavior, the sweeping and mopping machine usually adopts the cleaning mode of over and over, which can take away the floating dust on the ground, but this kind of over and over The mode does not effectively clean the sticky stains on the ground. Sticky stains need to be cleaned repeatedly to be effectively removed. The dedicated mopping robot takes this into consideration in the robot motion algorithm and sets up an artificial reciprocating mopping program, which can clean the stubborn dirt on the ground more repeatedly.

  Moreover, the compact body design of the mopping robot fits the corners and cleans more thoroughly. There are also exclusive cleaning pads. For example, dry wipes can absorb dust and hair through static electricity generated by the soft fibers on the wipes; wet wipes with hard fibers can easily scrape off oily dirt and clean sticky stains.

  Through a series of storage and cleaning coup sharing, are you who love your home eager to change the current environment and layout of your home? Storage and cleaning are actually not that difficult. As long as you master good methods and have good tools, you will surely be able to enjoy a quality life like Ikeda-sensei.