Often, the first impression your business gives comes from your logo. Your logo needs to reflect your brand and project a good impression. Unfortunately, ordering a logo from a commercial service can cost hundreds of dollars.

You might wonder how to make a logo yourself, bypassing the costly commercial service. Luckily there are logo maker programs you can buy, or in some cases, use online. Read on for the software you need to make your logo.

Wix Logo Maker

The Wix Logo Maker is bundled with its website builder, so it is helpful when you want to build your brand from scratch. You start by adding information about your business and what kind of work you do, and the Logo Maker will generate several different logos for you. Then you can customize the color palette, the icon, and the text to suit your needs.

The Wix Logo Maker learns as you go through logo options and vote for them, giving the tool a better idea of your preferences. The tool also has an option to match you to a professional designer if you have more specific needs the tool can’t match. A basic logo file will cost you $49, while $99 will get you all the logo files, with cheaper prices if you sign up for a premium website plan.


Canva may not be the most advanced online logo maker, but its drag-and-drop editor allows you to arrange parts of your design easier to get the logo design you want. You can either use one of Canva’s templates to start, or you can build it from scratch using either Canva’s elements or your images that you upload into Canva. The entire process is free, though you can buy special elements for $1 per element.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is the king of the hill when it comes to a logo or graphic design, with options that give you control of the entire process. It uses a pixel grid for object alignment allowing for very fine adjustments. It gives you a dazzling amount of brushes and shape-building tools so you can create exactly the logo you want.

With as many options as you get, Illustrator does cost $20.99 every month for a subscription as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite. And while that does get you a powerhouse of a program, going with an online logo maker like Wix Logo Maker or Canva is probably the better option. Adobe Illustrator is for advanced users and has a steep learning curve.


Formerly called LogoJoy Looka uses AI to complement your design styles to create your logos. When you select your icon, style, and color preferences, Looka’s AI puts together logo designs it thinks you might like. Once your logo is created, you can only change the colors and sizes of the image, and they charge $20 for a low-resolution image, with the high-resolution versions costing you $65.

Make Your Logo

A logo is the front of your business. Using these programs to create a logo that speaks for you is the first step to establishing your brand. Build and enjoy! Enjoy this article? Then don’t forget to check out our blog for more informative articles.