Companies that use data intelligence make decisions five times faster than ones that don’t. These companies make decisions based on reliable data.

They don’t have internal debates that last for weeks to make a single decision. They move faster and are able to get to market ahead of the competition.

That flexibility is crucial, and it’s all because of data. If you want to empower your team to make quick decisions, you need to give them access to sales intelligence, which includes sales data, prospecting information, and lead analysis.

They need the best sales and marketing intelligence system to help them access information in a few minutes. Read on to learn how to choose sales intelligence tools for your business to thrive.

The Key Benefits of Sales Intelligence Tools

What does sales data intelligence do for your sales teams? It helps you create an ideal client profile, which gets applied to lead generation and prospecting.

These tools get used in B2B and B2C. Sales intelligence software scours the web and collects data on prospects and leads. This saves time because sales reps would have to do this work themselves.

They’d have to visit social media profiles and read each post for information. That could take hours to do for just a few prospects.

The sales data tools give your teams all of this information in one centralized place. That enables reps to see if a prospect was looking for a recommendation or if they changed jobs.

Both instances provide an opportunity to reach out and create a sales conversation.

How to Choose a Sales Intelligence System

The first thing to examine is your sales organization. Consider how closely they work with the marketing team, what their challenges are, and what CRM and sales tools they currently use.

There are three core things to look for. The sales intelligence system has to integrate with your existing systems. If it doesn’t, will it provide the functionality you need?

Data accuracy is the most important aspect. You’re investing in sales intelligence tools so you have data to make better decisions. Otherwise, you’ll make bad decisions based on bad data.

Does the sales intelligence tool qualify leads? They may have a scoring system and automation that make outreach simplified.

Compare different systems.

You might come across sales intelligence tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and Usergems. Why use Usergems over Sales Navigator? It provides accurate data, more automation, and integrations than LinkedIn.

The Power of a Sales Data Solution

How much time does your sales team spend researching prospects and chasing down the wrong leads? You can cut that time down to a few minutes by investing in sales data solutions.

When you choose a sales and marketing intelligence system, look for one that provides accurate data, integrates with your existing systems, and scores leads.

You’ll be able to get more sales with less effort when you choose the right tool for the job. Visit the Technology section of this site often for the latest technology news and tips.