Larry Hoover, widely known as ‘King Larry’, is the infamous leader of the Chicago street gang that spread across the globe.

Who is Larry Hoover?

Hoover was born in Mississippi but grew up in Chicago. He became the leader of the Ultimate Gangsters. In 1973, Hoover was sent to prison for 150-200 years on charges of killing a drug dealer. He claimed to have transformed, but his notorious activities continued unabated. His desire for power encouraged him to continue criminal activities.

Characteristics of Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover is an American citizen who was born in 1950. The current age is 72 years old. His height is around 5 feet and inches. Harry weighs 171 pounds.

Family Life

Hoover got married to Winndye Jenkins. He has three kids that including Larry Bernard, Larry Hoover and Tyree Hoover.

Early Years of Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover was born on November 30, 1950, in the city of Jackson located in the state of Mississippi. Hoover was only four years old when his parents moved to Chicago. At the age of 13, he was part of the group called the Supreme Gangsters. This group was involved in crimes like theft, bribing and mugging. Larry Hoover soon got involved in heinous crimes like physical assault and shooting of people.

Hoover assumed leadership roles with the growth of the Supreme Gangsters group. He joined forces with other notorious groups like Black Gangster Disciple Nation. He later took charge of the Black Disciples after the death of Barksdale, a leader of a rival group. The rise of Hoover surged the profits of their business. The business flourished and made a profit of more than $1000 a day.

By the age of early 20s, Hoover got convicted several times. He was in and out of prison for different crimes: shooting, murders, extortion, drug trafficking and illicit money trade. Larry managed to have survived six shooting attempts on his life. Moreover, he was sent to the maximum security Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois for his serious offences.

Growth and Development

The move of sending Hoover to Stateville did not prevent him from pursuing illegal actions. He started helping other prisoners. They later became his recruits to expand his network of Gangsters. Hoover got assistance from prison staff who were influenced by his actions.

Hoover got inspiration from the likes of Mayord Richard J. Daley and encouraged his followers to denounce violence. He instructed members of the Gangster Disciples to go to school and seek education for their personality development. By learning skills, they can contribute positively to society.

He later changed the name of “Gangster Disciple” to “Growth and Development”. His actions of reformation caught the attention of the public. Growth and Development registered itself as a non-profit organization to help marginalized segments of society.

However, his change in attitude was considered a ploy by the prison officials to continue his criminal activities. Meanwhile, his friends were using it as evidence to acquit Hoover on parole. The network of Gangster Disciples was growing over the years and raised concerns among law enforcement officials.

After the transfer of Hoover to prison in Vienna, Illinois, Hoover was living a lavish life that involved jewellery, fancy clothes, and expensive meals. His friends and family members were visiting him without any trouble. Consequently, surveillance began on every movement of Hoover by keeping a check on his private meetings.

Similarly, the Non-profit organizations of Hoover were also used for money laundering. As per the statements of members of Gangster Disciple, donations did not reach needy people. Eventually, an undercover operation conducted by Federal Investigation Agencies found Hoover guilty.

Later, in 1997, Hoover was found guilty of all charges and was sentenced to prison for six life sentences.

The net worth of Larry Hoover

As per the reports, Hoover has a net worth of more than $100 million.