Net Worth

The net worth of Timothy Mowry, before 2022 is estimated to be approximately $2 million, made through his two professions and pension. His pension sums up to $40,000 per year which he accepts as a former United States Army veteran. Timothy Mowry does not work anymore so his wealth probably not increase in the future. On the other side, his famous daughters Tamera and Tia have a $4 million net worth. 


Timothy Mowry, a parole officer, and a veteran is renowned as a celebrity father of Tia and Tamera Mowry. His birthplace is Miami; Florida birthday is the 4th of January 1957. Timothy Mowry’s complete name is Timothy John Mowry. He has Irish ancestors and is an English-American.    

Timothy Mowry had a great passion for sports transferred from his father which gradually lead him in joining the army. Timothy Mowry’s father exposed him to different sports activities during his childhood. The discipline and strict nature he learned from his family helped him to start his journey in the army. 

During this journey, he met his sweetheart Darlene Renee Flowers who has Afro-Bahamian ancestors. They got married in 1975 and enjoyed their married life for 40 years with four children. However, they got divorced in 2015.

For now, he is living a happy retirement life after a distinguished career in US Army with his successful descendants.


Timothy Mowry is about 65 years old now. Timothy Mowry loves to do sports and workouts to maintain his fitness. With his greyish eyes and gradually becoming grey hair, he appears decent and elegant. His weight and height data are not mentioned anywhere but surely he has a strong and healthy body. Timothy Mowry prefers a casual and comfortable clothing style and wears jeans, sneakers, and plaid shirts  

Early life

Timothy Mowry has not revealed much about his early life, parents, siblings, schooling, etc. Except for that, he got his decent upbringing in a Christian religious family, and his passion for sports was inherited from his father. He avoids talking much about his schooling, parents Theodore Mowry and Troy Wilson, and personal life.   


Darlene was his teenage love. They met in Florida, dated each other during high school, signed up US Army together, and eventually tied their knot at the age of 18. Darlene was born on October 25th in 1956. Before her graduation, she was a security guard and after that, she started her career in US Army. She got a position as a drill sergeant and worked there along with Timothy. After marriage, they moved to Gelnhausen, Germany. The couple had four children, twin daughters Tia and Tamara in 1978, son Tahj in 1986, and in 1993 the youngest son Tavior. All of these children are now Hollywood personalities except Tavior. Unlike his siblings, the youngest son of timothy is not into entertainment gigs. He prefers sports like his father. For now, he plays for the University of California, Davis.

Timothy Mowry shares a great relationship with his children. His twin daughters Tia and Tamara are successful singers and actresses. Tia is 2 minutes younger than Tamara. This duo thrilled the hearts of viewers many times with their performances. They are well-known for their impactful work in Twitches, Sister, Sister, Tia and Tamara, and many others. They had great support from their parents, who shifted to California for pursuing their careers in the entertainment industry. Their mother Darlene quit her military career for supporting her family and daughters. 

Timothy Mowry’s son Tahj Dayton Mowry or Tahj Mowry has also a thriving career in Hollywood. He had worked in many television series and debuted when he was four. Till now he had played many remarkable characters. 

Timothy Mowry also has three grandkids Ariah, Aden, and Cree from his daughters. His children admire him a lot. As his daughters and son call him their strength and a great mentor. 

Timothy Mowry has certainly shed his discipline on his children. He is the ideal father for them. In one of the interviews, his daughter mentioned their religious and closely-knit family. She mentioned their strength, persistence, dedication, and hard work all are fruits of her father’s effort. As a father and grandfather, he has raised his family in a disciplined and beautiful way that ensures the warm ties between his children. He made them learn how to handle unfavorable circumstances most finely. 


Timothy Mowry’s nature of being rigorous and discipline-focused invoked him to join the army. After optimistically passing the mental and physical tests, he confidently started his service in Army. He worked in Coleman Kaserne base situated in Hesse, Germany. For his efficacious services, he ranked a sergeant. As the first sergeant, the team father he was obliged to lead the regiment and perform administrative tasks. He had to keep an eye on the progress and development of soldiers in his command. He retired with this rank after getting back to the US from Germany. Afterward, he joined Glendale Police Department, California as a custody officer. He appeared in 2015 in two episodes of “Sister, Sister” and also in Tia Mowry at Home TV series. However, he prefers to spend time with family, especially with grandchildren. So now he spends time traveling, participates in sports for maintaining his fitness, and spending time with his family.     


Timothy Mowry got his matriculation certificate in 1975 from a local school in Miami. However, the school name is not mentioned anywhere. Moreover, he never shared any information about his higher education, college, university, or any other personal details.   

Divorce and life after

Timothy Mowry got divorced from his wife in 2015 but still, they share a good friendship and spend quality time with their family. After their divorce, there were rumors about Tim’s dating an Asian descent, Nana. But still, there is no confirmation about these rumors. 

Bi-Racial family

Some rumors were also spread about their bi-racial family and the impact of this tradition in their family. Tamara mentioned in her interviews the negatives and how these things hurt her and her sister who married a black guy. But they handle these hurdles very beautifully. They proved that their family is a happy family beyond this so-called racism. They endured it and passed all the hurdles.