Canon IP110 is a multifunctional printer device which is also known for good print quality and speed. This printer allows wireless printing which means you can easily take printouts from your PC, smartphone etc without using a cable. You can take printout wirelessly with Canon either by using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or using network printing.Here we will discus about Canon IP110 Wireless Setup.

Unboxing Canon IP110 Wireless Printer

  1. Place the box on a flat surface and remove the plastic seal
  2. Now open the box and check for the printer
  3. Take out the cartridges
  4. Check for USB cables, power cord and driver CD of Canon printer
  5. Remove all the plastic covering from your printer
  6. Remove the protective tapes and clips from your cartridge
  7. Connect the Printer to the electricity (wall outlet) using a power cord
  8. Turn on the printer and insert the ink cartridge

Installing the Canon printer driver on your computer

Whether you are taking wireless printouts or you are using a cable, you will require the printer driver on your device. The driver communicates with the printer and coveys the commands. Use the driver CD you have received with the printer for driver installation. Insert the CD on the disc drive of your computer and copy the setup. Once you insert the CD, you will see a run box on your screen. Click on the Confirm button and the setup will start checking for the compatibility. Now again click on the run button and the setup will start installing on your computer. But today most of the devices don’t have a disc drive. In that case, you have to install the printer driver from the internet. On the Canon website, search for the printer driver for your printer model. Before clicking on the download button, make sure you are downloading drivers from your printer model. Now download the printer driver on your device. Click on the setup and it will check for the resources. Wait for completing the driver installation process and then you can connect the printer to the PC.

Canon IP110 Printer Wireless Setup

After installing the printer driver, you can easily connect your printer to the PC wirelessly. Before setting the printer, make sure you have a physical WPS pin on your router (access point). Check whether the PC is connected to the access point or not. Your PC (or phone) should be connected to the same access point. Here are the steps for creating a WPS setup for your Canon printer:

  1. On your printer, press the Menu button for three times
  2. Device settings page will appear
  3. Use the arrow keys and choose LAN settings
  4. Hit the OK button
  5. Printer’s LAN settings screen will appear
  6. Press the arrow keys and choose WLAN option
  7. Hit the OK button
  8. Now hit the arrow key to choose Wireless LAN active option and click on OK button
  9. Your printer’s LAN settings will appear on the screen
  10. The Wi-Fi lamp of your printer will lights blue
  11. Again use the arrow keys and choose Wireless LAN settings
  12. Go to the WPS icon and hit the OK button
  13. Navigate to Push Button method and click on OK button

Now hold the WPS button for about 4-5 seconds and then hit the OK button. A WPS message will appear on the screen and then click on the OK button. After completing the Canon ip110 wireless setup, give the print command. Open a document and your computer and give a print command. A print wizard will be displayed and then make changes like layout etc. Click on the Confirm button and your Canon printer will start printing the document.

Canon printer PIN Code Setup

You can also use the PIN code instead of the PUSH button. After WPS settings, use the arrow keys and navigate to the PIN code option. Follow the on-screen instructions and then LAN settings Print LAN details page will appear. The lamp will start blinking while searching for the access point. The LED will stop blinking and become steady once the printer gets connected to the access point. Once connected, you can give a print command from all the devices which are connected to the same network.

Taking Printout from phone devices

Canon also allows the user to take printouts from the phone devices. You can either use the USB cable or you can get printouts using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Open the Bluetooth of your phone and Canon printer. Now on your phone, go to Bluetooth available devices. From the list, click on Canon printer. Now open the document you want to print on your phone. Now click on the Menu button and hit the Print option. From the list of available devices, click on Canon printer and again hit the Print option. You will get the printout from your Canon device immediately. If you are facing any error while setting your Canon printer then ask the Canon technical team for help.